Saturday, April 18, 2009

A 7 to CHALLENGE G7 for world trade.


By Ray Auxillou

The A 7 countries of the Americas ( ALBA TRADING GROUP OF AMERICAN COUNTRIES ) are to challenge the G 7 with a new currency. Dominant currencies are currently the Euro and the Dollar. The new currency of the A 7 countries will be called the SUCRE .

This is a wonderful idea and if the A 7 countries insist on being paid in SUCRE currency for their OIL, NATURAL GAS, BANANAS, TIN, LITHIUM, GOLD, PLATINUM, COFFEE, SUGAR and many other natural resources and food, that feeds the Europeans in particular, coming from the American Continent, things may indeed get interesting in this hemisphere.

The challenge to the supremacy of the Europeans and the USA in world trade is looking to take a new turn. China is currently well invested into the African Continent and moving into the South American area as well. We look forward to seeing the SUCRE take off. Where the currency market headquarters will be for the new exchange of such things, is reputed to be in Caracas . This will make a new money center comparable to Belgium for the Euro and New York for the Dollar. One can hardly wait for the new currency to be floated.

What makes it even more interesting is if CARICOM as a group of countries would follow Grenada and the Grenadines and join ALBA. With everybody aboard the same boat, we would have the advantage of a similar voting block for the political issues, yet acquire the muscle of the finance and exporting dimension of South and Central American countries. The fear of CARICOM political interests being held hostage by the original communist A 7 signing countries would no longer apply, or restrict CARICOM aspirations for economic and trade expansion. With a Financial Center in Caracas dealing in the new SUCRE currency a lot of the players on the table would be changed. New moves, it makes sense! We could pyramid a multiplier effect and become world players in trade and commerce. Time for a REFERENDUM of CARICOM countries on joining ALBA en masse!

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