Friday, April 17, 2009



Caricom Airlines based out of Western Belize, Santa Elena Town has been put on hold again! So says the Chairman, Ray Auxillou of Caricom Airlines.
We spent about a $100,000 in time, money and labor trying to set up Caricom Airlines, with the intent over the past year of developing this internal CARICOM AIRLINE said Ray Auxillou. We got lots of banks willing to LEND US MONEY, but we did not want to be undercapitalized, or beholden to interest and monthly payments to some bank, using borrowed money. The only way we were going to build this internal airline, would be with some venture capital invested in Preferred Stock. We were looking for about $25 million USA currency. A lot of the exploratory and investigative work had been done, but we got to the stage were we had to poop, or get off the pot. Theoretically and academically speaking, the thing should build up over time, given private sector financing and operational running control. Caricom is still a mess with a bunch of independent kingdoms basically and the rules keep changing, depending on which political party gets into power in the fourteen nations comprising Caricom. None of the airline infra structure regulations and laws are in place and we would have to develop those as we go. Markets are there in several fields and it looked encouraging, but until you pay your money and give it a go, you have no real idea of the problems to be faced on the ground. We were swamped with BORROWED MONEY BANK type vendors, but what we want is a bootstrap operation, to build as we go and make it pay. Not some Government run bureaucracy type airline run by political nepotism, or bureaucratic job making, using taxpayer revenue money. There are a lot of uncertainties and all we know is; there are a lot of sharks out there, ready to jump in if we are successful and take over the airline, should we succeed in opening up the internal Caricom economy. Most of the sharks are individual politicians in the different countries. We could probably raise initial funding from local sources, on a minimal start up basis. But we've been there before in the AUXILLOU TOURIST GROUP and being undercapitalized is definitely not the way to go. There are a number of articles divulging some of our trade research secrets on the As of now, we are not interested in going ahead under minimal financial conditions. Instead we are looking to expand our tourism and real estate ventures in Guatemala and Thailand. Unless we get an investor for shares, we intend to let the venture drop. We learned a lot in doing this past year, so it is not all lost time and money we have spent. Been kind of fun too!

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