Wednesday, April 15, 2009

California German couple stop at FALCONVIEW ADVENTURE HOSTEL

Barton Creek Outpost swimming hole.
Inside Barton Creek cave.
The Barton Creek Outpost building.
Entering Baron Creek Cave by canoe.

German speaking couple traveling from San Francisco, California in an old Westphalia VW camper van stop overnight at Falconview Backpackers Adventure Hostel in Western Belize. Denis and Sonya have been living in their Camper Van, but sometimes it is nice to have a bathroom and showers. Since we were not overly full, we gave them the second floor dormitory to themselves and they were busy bees, getting showers, changing clothes and cooking up a storm in the Hostel communal kitchen. The food smelled good too. Denis and Sonya tell me they are on their way to Argentina and are looking at the different countries to find a new place to live. They asked a lot of questions about living in Belize and what the regulations were and how much it cost. We told them it costs us about $650 usa per month for a family of three. Of course, we don't rent and have built our own property. In the spirit of helping them save money, we directed them to Barton Creek Outpost. A place in a small remote valley that is populated by both Mennonites and Americans who are survivalist types, on small farms, growing their own food and shunning the use of modern conveniences, like electricity, television, radio and cars. Usually the Barton Creek Outpost lets people camp along the bank of Barton Creek free and they have a sharp turning in the creek that is shunted around by the hillside cliff, that is deep and makes an excellent swimming hole, with ropes hanging from the trees and everything. Fruit orchids are all around the place as well. There is a cave and the OUTPOST rent canoes to go inside the cave where the creek emerges from under the range of hills surrounding the location. The big building chalet style, has many exotic tropical flowers growing around the grounds.

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