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There is big money in financial services and the spread world wide of many new financial services over the last 25 years, is eating into the control and commissions such financial service business brings. The amounts of money involved is in the TRILLIONS. Third hand rumor mill has it, that the G 20 has outlawed financial services outside of their countries at the recent meeting ballyhooed in the media.

Using euphinisms, propaganda and time honored traditions of waging war, the language is about tax havens to make the competitors and enemies of the G 20 seem to be criminals like Saddam Hussein or Hitler was once. This to strengthen the coming WAR on other countries financial service center economies on a world wide basis.

The G 7 countries have traditionally had a lock, or monopoly on banking and financial world wide services. With the aid of Lord Ashcroft we learned how this Robber Baron mentality works on the world stage here in Belize. With the aid of computer modernization and newer electronic telecommunications, the ability to spread this financial services, economic activity through many countries over the last 25 years, has eaten drastically into the ability of the G 7 Northern Hemisphere traditional Imperialistic and Colonial conditions to control third world countries. Many third world countries have raised themselves up by their bootstraps to be competitors for financial services and in the case of the smaller countries, this is also a major part of some of their economies.

The established monopolistic goals were set by the Bretton Woods annual meetings. The new system favoring the G 7 is called the NEW WORLD ORDER. In actual fact, what we seem to have is a new group of bigger countries called the G 20 who wish to theoretically control the world economy and financial services sectors. The G 20 is probably going to be controlled through many battles, using treaties, agreements, penalties and other paraphanalia of this new World War. The G 20 of itself has members that are themselves going to become subservient or victims in this economic war. The G 20 will undoubtedly be controlled by the G 14 and the G 14 will eventually be controlled by the G 7.

In the current world banking system, foreign exchange money and deals are brokered through New York and Belgium money transfer exchange centers. The major currencies are the EURO and the US DOLLAR. Both of these are backed by military might at the end of a gun, and more formidably in this NEW WORLD ORDER, by the flow of CAPITAL having to go through a rapacious banking system in which cheques are exchanged, other instruments of money transfers and wire services must all be cleared and paid through two major centers in Belgium and New York, for the whole world. Money actually does not change hands very much, it is all electronic data numbers. Money or currency itself, no longer even has anything backing the world paper trading system. The USA went off the gold standard a long time ago. Most currency is worthless and is just paper, but in order to have world commerce, paper currency is required, which in the last 20 years has switched to digital data, exchanged electronically.

Interestingly enough, CUBA went to a different system decades ago, using commodities in a barter system. The rise in Cuban tourism however, compromised Cuban independence and commodity barter system. Tourism paid through established foreign exchange has defeated the socialist system of Cuba . Venezuela in recent years has instigated a system of commerce and trade, mostly found in the Americas , also using barter, under what they call the ALBA TRADE SYSTEM. This to circumvent what these two countries call the Imperialist war of the G 7 countries. Venezuela trades oil mostly, but the trade is huge and unavoidable to use established paper currency, or electronic transfers. This gives the G 7 countries an advantage in the small battles to come for economic control of the NEW WORLD ORDER. We seem to be in an era approaching World War 111, like before the historical European World War 11.

The first victims are expected to be the NEW third world, very small, country financial services, built with the newer computer electronic capabilities of transferring wealth around the world. The G 7 have succeeded apparently, in getting a larger group called the G 14 to wage economic war in a campaign of world conquest. In turn this war has been broadened now into the G 20. The United Nations has been cut out of the process and now used mostly for peace keeping and alleged poverty alleviation and disaster programs. The United Nations has become a dead side issue, replaced by the G 20, and inside that by the G 14, and inside that; back to the old masters of the world, the G 7.

This is going to be an ugly war. The first victims are expected to be all the newer, small financial country service centers that have no military might and are unable to defend themselves, against propaganda and slander, as long as they use the established money banking transfer systems, and indeed the money currency types itself approved by the G 20. The world is going back to monopolies of the monarchial imperial era of European and North American world conquest.

The USA and the UK are reputed to be the two largest MONEY LAUNDERING, TAX HAVEN COUNTRIES in the world. But as part of the G 7, they are going to be left alone, while the war is aimed at the newer smaller countries providing the same services.

Victims are expected to be a number of Caribbean countries who have built a leg of their economies based on selling financial services, through ship registration, company registration and other trappings of the commerce activity involved in world trade. At the heart of the NEW WORLD ORDER is; who will have the right to dictate the rules and laws of settling financial disputes. Which court systems will rule? The end of the gun barrel of force, is the ability to block the transfer of capital, or refuse to honor the banking systems of smaller countries competing for a piece of the Financial Services world economy. Or even seize the financial assets to enforce the will by the G 7.

The new small financial service centers need their own money, or trading system, to fight this World Economic War. Small as they are, they are not equipped to fight using the Euro, or the Dollar, which makes them vulnerable and will lose the battles to come otherwise. Since most small financial center countries have little resources and are usually in debt because of corrupt politicians on a national basis, they have little commodity, or manufacturing export strength to give them the required muscle. This is the beginning of the end of small ex-colonies of European powers of the last two centuries. They are going to be enslaved again, using for the time being, the trappings of economics used similarly between the two previous century, World Wars 1 & 2. Eventually this is expected to evolve into many small world military conflicts.

The only defense for Belize is SELF SUFFIENCY economically. This is the time for Belize to strengthen trading ties with Mexico , Guatemala , Salvador , Honduras and the rest of Central America , in trade and commerce. We need to supply each other with the necessities of life and our economies. Caricom has use as a legal system and as an international policy voice, but the real strength for Belize is going to be local nearby trade with Central and South America . Self sufficiency for food particularly is the biggest requirement for Belize , as our population keeps expanding. Without self sufficiency and good financial management we are going to become poor colonial victims again, in this wider World War, waged by the G 7 through their proxies the G 20. We need to open our currency exchange system wider in Belize , to use of the Quetzal, until such time as a Central American currency is established. There isn’t enough industrial capacity in Caricom to serve the needs of Belize in the future century. Nor is there ever likely to be. The CARICOM island countries will always be exporting their brightest young people as they are short on opportunities. Not so in Belize , we have lots of trade and commerce and industrial opportunities.

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