Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lord Waters of Caracol in Belize during 555 A.D. pencil sketch

photo image of Lord Waters of Caracol in 555 A.D.

Lord Waters of Caracol, Belize in 555 A.D. our calendar. This was the time of his first invasion of the Central Fuedal Kingdoms ruled by Tikal, in which is a 3 hour drive from the border of Belize today. Lord Waters of Caracol, the local Belizean king of that time, failed in his first attack on control of the Central Mayan Feudal Kingdoms, but did succeed on his second attack some seven years later. When Caracol ruled the Mayan Empire during that period of 562 A.D. for the next decades.
Today Caracol is still the tallest Mayan temple in Belize and taller than any other building built in modern times. The Mayan site is remote, and an all day tour into the hinterland and over three low mountain ranges far into the interior. Belizeans are proud that once for a couple of hundred years, an ancient city of ours ruled the Mayan Empire.


AMATEUR PENCIL SKETCHING Ray has taught himself pencil sketching and if you look through this BLOG you will find a few examples of his art work. If you would like lessons and are here to see some of the local sites. You can take an hour lesson a day for a few days and try your hand at learning pencil sketching. By no means is Ray a professional, but is getting better. There are just a few little tricks to pencil sketching and you can pick those up with a week of practice. Put in an hour a day, then practice a few hours and see the local sights as well, you can make a nice vacation of it. Guidance and lessons for pencil sketching are $10 usa per hour.

We also have a very good professional local artist here in our Hillview community on the slope of Green Parrot Valley, specializing in acrylic painting. He has had lessons at art schools and is selling his stuff fast. He also is available, but you must book and pay in advance, as schedules have to be re-arranged for art lessons.

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