Monday, April 20, 2009

Belize budget to be slashed immediately $160 million because of Tourism shortfalls.

Some concern over the proposed cutting of $152 million from the budget for 2010 due to the interest balloon payment on the Foreign Belize Bonds.
This now seems to be a hot button issue, as already for this year, Barrow said at the Summit of the Americas that TOURISM had dropped by 66% and if so here in Belize, then the time to contract government size and services and costs, look like needing to be cut right now this month of April, 2009, not next year in 2010. Tourism HAD in previous years provided a huge amount of the annual government revenues. Without tourism revenues, the current government budget is $160 million overbloated as proposed.
CAN JET AIRLINES hit the news in Jamaica. A carrier that leases out a 737 to Tour Operators for charter flights to Cuba and Jamaica out of Halifax, Canada. One expects to hear that our Minister of Tourism is going to hot foot right up to Halifax and deal with the Caribbean Tour Operator who is chartering the CAN JET 737? Bring them to Belize!

BTIA Cayo section meeting called for April 28th at 2 p.m., at the Cahel Pech Hotel in Cayo.

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