Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Robert Warrens ethanol still
Ethanol Production in Belize

There is none yet, but the research has been done. At a basic cost, ethanol in a back yard 5 gallon a day type still, runs about $4.50 Bz currency per gallon for 200 proof. For a business, production costs including hired labor, transportation and other costs associated with a full day of operation on a cottage industry commercial scale, would cost about $17 Bz currency per gallon. At this price you could make a profit. At the moment gasoline is around $7.50 Bz currency a gallon, which includes government taxes. The prices are expected to increase over the next two years.
Obviously, other than a hobby, then ethanol is not commercially viable. You could though, include producing some ethanol at the rate of 5 gallons a day in a farm sideline, offset your fuel costs this way. Presuming you did it yourself, or used a hired hand, who was otherwise idle.
A 5 gallon, 200 proof ethanol, per day, still, costs about $1500 bz currency in labor and materials. The copper pipe and tubing is not yet available in Belize, nor the special solder required. This is usually a 5 inch diameter copper vertical still, that is 5 to 6 feet in height. With a separate 55 gallon drum boiler for the mash. There are many fruit and molasses type source materials locally.

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