Wednesday, December 2, 2009


** TO EAT, cut in half and spoon out like ice cream.
*** Pitahya ready to send to market in Belize!

The Pitahya season in Belize is now going. You can find Pitahya at almost any fruit and vegetable stall.

Introduced to Belize about 5 years ago, by Chinese immigrants, this fruit is growing in popularity.

Eating is simple, you just cut it in half and use a spoon and eat the soft interior. It can taste like ice cream, or some sort of desert. The fruit comes from a climbing cactus. Meaning it is an airborne plant. You stick a stake in the ground and let it grow, drawing moisture from the air.
People got interested in the fruit in Belize originally, because they were paying around $10 per pound for it up in New York and Canada. The acreage in Belize is very small though and we never got quantities yet to export to foreign climates.
The thing about PITAHYA, or DRAGON FRUIT is that it is a tropical fruit that is very healthy. Taiwanese Medical Research at Chi-Nan University has found that the PITAHYA is rich in polyphenols, which in turn are good antioxidants that inhibit the growth of cancer cells. The soluble fibers regulate blood glucose levels, which is excellent for Type 2 diabetics. Within one hour, a diabetic can lower his or her blood glucose level by as much as 30. The fruit also neutralizes heavy metals which are toxic. The red like Pitahya contain Betalain pigments, which protect against fungi, are soluble in water and can be used to color other foods. The anti-oxidant natural application, reduces free radicals that can cause cancer and certain stress disorders.
PITAHYAS are the ONLY BETALIN containing fruit on the world market. The acreage in Belize is very small and suitable for local consumption.

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DAVID said...

if i`m not mistaken i think its pronounced PITAHAYA .