Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Belize Central Farm Pilots Association will be holding their 2nd ANNUAL FLY IN

Long range Angel Aircraft, 7 passenger, twin pusher propellers, 1700 miles.

Photos of Cesnna 182 and a Maule, both of which were here for the 2008 FLY IN.

CENTRAL FARM SECOND ANNUAL FLY IN - for pilots and their planes. Breakfast available. Organized by Tom Wierum at the Central Farm airstrip.

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From: Tom Wierum
Subject: 2009 Annual Belize Fly-In
To: jlremple@btl.net
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Date: Monday, January 19, 2009, 7:14 PM

Hi all,
Its getting close, The now Annual 2009 Belize Fly-In, will be held a few weeks earlier than last years , hopefully we should have milder temperatures and less wind.
The new website is available at the following link Belize Annual Fly-In
It has information as well as a printable flyer, which I would appreciate you printing out a couple copies and passing on to fellow pilots and friends interested in aviation.
We will have lots to see and do. We are planning a piloting skill competition for those who wish to test your aviating skills. We have the organizer and judges in place for a spot landing competition, we are putting the final touches on the rules and procedures for this competition. Those interested can e-mail me for the rules.
We are looking for a sponsor for the event that will provide the trophies/plaques for the event. Please e-mail me if you would like to step up and be a sponsor.
Please RSVP by sending me back an e-mail if you will be flying in so we can plan the parking of the ramp better.
Again, please spread the word to your fellow aviators and enthusiasts!

Hope to see you all there.

Tom Wierum/ Central Farm Airstrip office and hanger.

P.S.: Tom said the server was offline but will be back up in a few days. This is Wednesday, so should be up by weekend. Got some photos on the blog now. The date set for the FLY IN is on February 22nd., at 10 a.m. You got any foreign fliers want to come down and join us all having fun in tropical Belize. Fly Down!

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