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by Ray Auxillou, Jan.13th, 2009

Those of you on the Belize Culture Listserve for the last twenty years, will remember fifteen years or so, ago, when I had a webpage on the coming ICE AGE. Unfortunately, the web page was on a free web hosting service and they wiped it out, along with a hundred other scientific pages I had. Those of you long term members of this listserve, will recollect that my forecast for a very quick ICE AGE was around 450 years from now. I recollect when HOLLYWOOD phoned me about my ICE AGE web pages and asked about the data. Unfortunately, I was unable to respond and if memory serves me, it was to do with the changing orbit of the Earth and tilt of the Earth, along with some other geological data from Ice Cores. The actual forecast was arrived at of several nights of sleeping and dreaming REM sleep with the data then available, when the subconscious arrived at that particular guess of 450 years. Needless to say, most of you will actually be able to remember HOLLYWOOD actually produced a DISASTER MOVIE on the ICE AGE, in which three hurricanes combined to reach into the stratosphere and bring down the cold of outer space into the Northern Hemisphere.

That said, you can watch the Hollywood movie, which in effect is probably as close to what is predicted to happen in a matter of days, even though the process may be somewhat different as a scenario. You can get the movie on CD.

Here though is some updated data on the coming ICE AGE and it seems to be closer than 450 years? Since we are measuring geological changes on the longer term cycles, pinpointing an actual arrival date for the next ICE AGE is inaccurate. Suffice to say; we are OVERDUE for this to happen, roughly 2000 to 3000 years. This event could be triggered and occur at any time! What the trigger is, we do not know. We do know the ICE AGE runs in cycles of around 100,000 years, with minor warming periods on shorter cycles. The warmest interglacial period is that we live in now and we are at the end of this period. Cyclically this period runs around 10,000 years and in this case we are already about 13,000 years into it. We have an idea of what causes the end of the ICE AGE and the start of the 10,000 year warm inter-glacial, but not which event triggers that will start the ICE AGE. The end of the ICE AGE usually comes when the ORBIT changes closer to the SUN and the tilt of the EARTH passes through an asteroid belt, believed to be a long term 26,000 year cycle out of the elliptic. 13,000 years ago, current theory says an asteroid hit the ARCTIC OCEAN ICE CAP and the blast swept across the Northern Hemisphere. This set fires and the geological record confirms this event with a carbon layer all over North America, when fires raged, blast damage was sustained and there are charcoal layers, at that layer of sediments in the geological record. The ICE AGE large predators and animals were wiped out instantly. Of more concern to us today here in Belize, is that the next ICE AGE cycle is overdue and could occur over a few days or a week. How, we do not know? If I was living in North America, Canada or the USA, I surely would recommend moving out of there. My wife and I already did, to BELIZE.

Al GORE, former USA vice president got a Nobel Prize for his presentation on global warming and the rise in CO 2 in our atmosphere. Obviously this was a political structured NOBEL PRIZE, because his science was totally false. His data and presentation was based on rising CO 2 levels in the atmosphere, predicated on human industrial activity in the burning of fossil fuels. Unfortunately in geological terms, his data was based on climate data less than a few hundred years old.

Paleoclimatolgy has served the scientific community with data going back around 420,000 years and this crosses several ICE AGE phenomena. The EARTH is living and breathing in much longer cycles of millions of years. What we have from paleoclimatology and scientific data from astronomy, geology, ice cores from places like Antartica, Greenland and the VOSTOK ICE CORES supplied by the Russian scientific establishment. Including ocean sediment cores and other data, is that; rising CO 2 gases are a normal part of the cycle of change, but that this change is based on leading rising ocean temperatures. If you remember your COCA COLA soft drink, when it is placed in a refrigerator, the carbon dioxide forced into the liquid during manufacture seems to dissolve, or disappear in the soft drink liquid. When it warms up, or is shaken, it fizzes as the CO 2 comes out. This knowledge is also true of the OCEANS. The rising temperatures of the OCEANS preceed the released CO 2 levels found in our atmosphere by around 750 years according to cyclical ice core data. Increased CO atmospheric gas is coming from our oceans, because they are warming. The effect of humans is miniscule on this longer term cyclical process. The obvious conclusion from paleoclimatology is that; rising ocean temperatures are leading rising CO 2 levels by around 750 years, the ICE CORE data show. You can find graphs online for the VOLSTOK ICE CORE data and temperature, and CO 2 levels going back 420,000 years. CO 2 levels will not drop, the cyclical data show, until the OCEANS start to cool. What trigger will cool the oceans? The water will absorb the CO 2.

During the warm interglacial period of 325,000 years ago, the atmospheric CO 2 levels were higher than they are today. True, we are rapidly approaching that cyclical peak of the last couple of ICE AGE cycles this happened in paleoclimatology.

The warm interglacial period in which we live is called the HALOCENE. The astrological cycle studies are three in number and best expressed by a Russian scientist named the MILANKOVITCH THEORY of causation of ICE AGE changes. When you study astrology, or the movement of EARTH by watching the stars, ORBIT CHANGE is usually done in long time periods. What we know is based on periods of TIME longer than a 20,000 year cycle. While humans have been on EARTH for millions of years, if not more than a hundred million years, our written history is based mostly on the past 6000 years, even though we have town and city ruins on EARTH going back to 11,000 years discovered and excavated by archeologists. There has been extensive study in recent years on mini-climate cycles over the past 2000 years. A very short period indeed. We have had some mini short term cold cycles of just a few years, in which humans died off from starvation in the last 1200 years. Changing temperatures, rain patterns and droughts.

Orbital mechanics of planet EARTH are longer cycles, based on periods over 20,000 years. The change in the cyclical orbit of planet Earth is a much slower component of climate change. The most pronounced public data are the RUSSIAN VORSTOK data of ANTARCTIC ICE CORES going back 420,000 years. When you combine the fossil record, geology, paleobotany, zoology, you get the cyclical picture of recurring ICE AGES in a rhythm of around 100,000 years. We are overdue for the next ICE AGE and while the arguments go on, what will cause it to occur; the

TIMING debate is anywhere from 72 hours, to three years for an ICE AGE to swallow the Northern Hemisphere and kill off billions of humans and other animals. That Europeans and North Americans do not make libraries and technology and machine museum storage in places like Belize, Colombia and central Africa is beyond me. We have caves in Belize that could be used.

It is also apparent from archeological work, that humans survived quite well behind the shelter of the Himalayas, in what today is called PAKISTAN, KASHMIR and northern India. There was also a pocket of humans survived in the PYRANEES mountains of Europe, warmed apparently by the GULF STREAM and a wall of mountains. Studies of the BASQUES and NEANTHERDALS have shown us this.

From the viewpoint of us here in Belize, Central America; a sudden climate change would effect our temperatures and the types of crops we could grow. We would change from a tropical environment to a temperate environment, probably within a single week. Humans did live in Belize during the last ICE AGE, archeological work record, by teeth and tool marks on extinct GIANT SLOTHES, a predator of the ICE AGE show. Perhaps our government could ask our local BNE oil company, to share their oil exploration data and tell us what trees and plants grew here in this locality during the last ICE AGE? We need only go back 15,000 years for data. The coming ICE AGE is going to change human numbers from the billions of people living on EARTH, to only a few million, or less, around the world. ARE YOU PREPARED?

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