Wednesday, January 14, 2009

GUATEMALA DECEIVES BELIZE in new foreign policy gambit!

by Ray Auxillou

I think it was Belizean Attorney General introduced that phrase into the discussion of the BRAND NEW GUATEMALAN CLAIM. This phrase continues to resonate negatively in the media and is very damaging to the psyche of the country of Belize, because it is a pure lie. A piece of deceitful fabrication, or disinformation. The media keep using this phrase regarding taking the NEW GUATEMALAN CLAIM to go to the International Court. "ONCE AND FOR ALL TIME" was true enough when the United Nations voted to make us INDEPENDENT, in the UN CHARTER for self determination, but to keep repeating this negative phrase endlessly?
NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! Despite the fact it is foolish to gamble away any territory at the International Court, when you are in possession. Especially when the gamble is YOU, or us, risking everything, and Guatemala risking NOTHING. That is a damned stupid gamble.
What makes my hair stand up on end, and aggravates my bile, is that phrase the media of the port town in Belize keep trotting out. We can settle this ONCE AND FOR ALL TIME! What a bollocks of a lie! If we go to the ICJ.
As long as Guatemala has a paragraph in their Constitution making it treason for anyone to discuss giving up the BELIZE CLAIM, nothing can be ONCE AND FOR ALL TIME. All it means is; if Guatemala goes to court and wins, she gets something for no risk. We lose! If we win the court case, the paragraph in their GUATEMALAN CONSTITUTION makes going to the International Court a big joke, on us. Guatemala will be back again in some other venue, if she loses this no risk gamble for them, and in another generation of politicians will be back just like now, with the CLAIM. Blaming that paragraph in their constitution as an excuse for their actions.
For the International Court and the Referendum to be FAIR, Guatemala would have to show GOOD FAITH and delete that paragraph claiming Belize from their Constitution. As long as the Guatemalan Constitution stands as it is now, Guatemala is not acting in GOOD FAITH. We cannot even discuss this subject with Guatemala, UNTIL they delete that paragraph from their CONSTITUTION, as a pre-requisite to even holding a REFERENDUM. None of this makes any sense otherwise.

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