Sunday, January 25, 2009


Caves branch chess


The Western Belize Recreational and Agriculture Area of Cayo West, are holding the DISTRICT CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP for primary schools, on Saturday, March 14th. Runner up selection chess tournaments will be held for the Western section of the Cayo District at the Aguada Hotel in Santa Elena Town on Saturday, February 6th. The Eastern half of the 500 square mile Cayo District will be held at the Belmopan capital, Convention Hotel. Only 12 winners of the ALL CAYO DISTRICT CHESS tournament will qualify to represent our Western part of the country of Belize, at the National CHESS OLYMPIAD to be held in the Federal District of the Capital of Belmopan on April 25th, 2009. There are six districts in the nation of Belize.
The CAYO CHESS COORDINATOR is David Coombs. His email is: Check in time for all events are at 8 a.m. and the tournaments will start at: 8:30 a.m. There are no registration fees, but pre-registration is mandatory for both primary and adult players in the tournaments.
The Cayo District is a famous pioneering TOURIST area, and also famous for a growing agricultural production in Belize. The fledgling industrial manufacturing capacity of Belize is also found here, along with five producing oil wells. The Cayo District runs West to the border with Guatemala and South to the remote unpopulated Belize Alps, and the twin towns commercial center is found at the confluence of the Macal and Mopan Rivers, which join here to form the ancient Mayan river highway of the Belize River, down to the Caribbean coast. Population of CAYO DISTRICT is estimated at 120,000 people scattered in some towns and a lot of villages and small remote farms and cattle ranches. The population of the whole nation of Belize is estimated at 310,000 people, of which about 80% are under 15 years old, spread throughout six districts, in over 6000 square miles. The majority of primary schools are foreign owned, church built operated schools, with some financial assistance from the Government of Belize. The population of the capital BELMOPAN of the nation of Belize is about 5000 people, located in the Cayo District. Belize only has two paved narrow double laned highways. One highway runs from the Eastern Caribbean coast to the Western Guatemalan border and one paved highway runs from the Southern Toledo district of Belize, northward through the capital and port town, to the Northern border with Mexico. All other roads are dirt roads. The bus service is good, cheap, every 30 minutes on average, using CHICKEN BUSES, or USA manufactured imported yellow school buses, jam packed with second class passengers and sometimes freight.

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