Friday, January 16, 2009

Howler Monkey, Jaguar and Vicious Lizard of Belize photos.

The monkey is a famous HOWLER MONKEY. They are making a comeback in Belize after a disease killed most of them around World War Two. The lizard, I do not know it's name, but it is a vicious thing. A real killer. Goes after birds and their eggs in their nests in our entrance arbor and in the orange tree of the side of the front of our Falconview Backpackers Adventure Hostel. Even my dog is afraid to tackle the darned lizard. The JAGUAR is the national famous something or other. We actually have a Jaguar Reserve in Central Belize along the Belize Alps Eastern side. This jaguar was in the famous BELIZE ZOO, full of native animals orphaned young, or injured and rescued by Sharon Matola ( a traveling backpacker and immigrant to Belize who started the Belize Zoo )

We have lots of photos on the internet at: and articles and stories of life mostly to do effecting people living in the Western Belize foothills area. A 500 square recreational and agriculture area with a climate of ETERNAL SPRING.

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