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The guy on the right is Taiwan Ambassador Ting Jospeh SHIH. Photo on the left, but he is on the right viewing the photo.

Western Belize Happenings NEWS REPORT
by Ray Auxillou ( )

During the October river flooding and subsequent widespread damage in Belize of 2008, several Belizean bureaucrats were invited to Taiwan by Taiwanese Ambassador Shih, here in Belize to go to their island country. Once in Taiwan, the Belizeans were able to meet with a number of business people and politicians. Subsequently, around a half million Belize currency, of medical equipment was donated to Belize. This arrived recently in a container by ocean shipping. From the photographs on the television news here in Belize, there are all kinds of electronic specialized medical equipment, for diagnosistic purposes and applications during surgery and that sort of thing. The contents of the container were very impressive and nothing like these modern machines would be normally affordable by our much poorer Belizean economy. The medical equipment is going to the WESTERN REGIONAL HOSPITAL in the capital of Belmopan, in the center of the country of Belize. Belmopan our capital is in the CAYO DISTRICT, of our Western Regional agriculture, industrial and tourism recreational area, and possesses about half the population of the country in around 500 square miles. Mind you, with around 310,000 people, of which 80% are probably under 15 years old, we don’t have all that many adults in our nation.
The thing is; the constant and steady support with GRANTS and ASSISTANCE from medical equipment, agriculture programs, school feeding programs for poverty class children, budget assistance and emergency disaster grants; the country of TAIWAN, their government and people halfway across the world, are seemingly our BIGGEST DONORS and do more for the small nation of Belize, than the UK, the European Union, the USA, & Canada, in the form of financial and development assistance programs than all the others put together. The Belizean people are well aware that TAIWAN, strange as it may seem, has a big heart, compassionate people and the few immigrants from TAIWAN that have moved to this country of Belize are highly appreciated for their work ethic and high ethical standards. There are no words to really describe the emotional ties that bind the people and government of TAIWAN and the people and government of Belize. This small island country of TAIWAN, are making a BIG DIFFERENCE in the quality of life and our development as an emerging pioneering agrarian society. Ambassador Shih is the catalyst and driving force, for forging the strong ties between TAIWAN and BELIZE. Those TAIWANESE are darned GREAT PEOPLE mon!

Channel 7 News Report on television in Belize

Taipei Hospital Donates Medical Equipment
posted (January 21, 2009)

This afternoon Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize Ting Joseph Shih formally handed over a container with two hundred thousand dollars worth of medical equipment to the Ministry of Health. The equipment which includes portable x-ray and ultra sound machines were donated by the Tao Yuan Hospital in Taipei. They are the second half of a US$200,000 assistance secured by Health Minister Pablo Marin when he visited Taiwan in November. The first half was in cash but the equipment didn’t get here until Christmas Eve. It has now been unpacked and CEO in the Ministry of Health Dr. Peter Allen says they will go where they are needed.

Dr. Peter Allen, CEO – Ministry of Health
“There are x-ray machines, ultrasound machines, anaesthesia machines, operating theatre tables, electrocardiograph machines to monitor heart and patient safety monitor machines for operating theatres and they will go to places of course where they are most needed to principally to the Western Regional Hospital. The Tao Yung Hospital in Taiwan along with the regional management team led by Pearl Ellis of the Western Regional Hospital created a twin relationship and so the Tao Yung Hospital is particularly keen on helping the Western Regional Hospital.

They can only improve the delivery of healthcare. One donation is never enough to do everything that we would like but they can help to improve and along with the other efforts of the ministry and our other partners, we intend to make sure that the people of Belize keep getting quality healthcare at an affordable cost.”

The Ministry of Health has another container of equipment and supplies waiting to be unpacked at its Central Medical Supplies Compound. It is from a group in Chicago and includes wheelchairs, beds, surgical instruments, and other medical supplies.

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