Saturday, January 31, 2009


lots and lots of anatomically correct dinosaur engravings on stones

AMERICAN CONTINENT carved stone finds, BLOWS THE HECK OUT OF DARWIN THEORY OF EVOLUTION ( over 15,000 carved stones found in Peru made during the Age of the dinosaurs )
( excerpt from Belize Culture Listserve )

Human history just blown to hell!

Thousands of carved rocks made during the Dinosaur era, over a 150 million years ago showing all manner of dinosaurs known to the carvers of those rocks at that time. Found in South America. (JURASSIC LIBRARY)
There is a private museum of collected carved rocks showing all the dinosaurs, the photos are on the web, museum owned by Bolivia Cabrera about 186 miles south of Lima, Peru in a valley near a place called ICA.

Tihuanaco Temple ruins on Lake Titica are dated back 13,000 years. The ruins are on Lake Tititica. The giant stone blocks are still left and were fixed together by giant iron stapels still good. Showing a technology of using iron back in that era. Most of the ruins were excavated and used for railroad beds and for a church in La Paz. The old time drawings of the early Spanish Explorer chronicals show this structure was the largest and oldest city structure in the WHOLE WORLD.

There is evidence of human habitation in Belize back in the last ICE AGE.

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