Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 wheel Piaggio 400 cc scooter coming to Belize?

I want one of these.
three wheel scooter for stability has hot sales in Paris

The problem with my Honda scooter, is that the small wheels, put the center of gravity up high on the seat and when you skid on wet road, or gravel, you take a tumble out of control. I have longed for a three wheel scooter for a long time. I sure would like one of these. The two wheels are in front for stability. They are being sold in France, by a company based in Boulogne Billancourt. This is a Piaggio 400 cc, quite powerful and being used for long distance scooter taxis around Paris in heavy traffic and to the airport and so forth. Waiting for them to arrive in Belize. My Honda Scooter is for sale in Belize for $1800 Bz anybody interested?

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