Friday, May 15, 2009

The Chinese Rice Bowl for losing weight.

standard 4 inch diameter Chinese rice bowl


Somebody on the Belize culture list serve did a good job of listing a lot of health problems caused by dehydration, in which the human body without sufficient water, develops a list of health symptoms. Drinking 8 glasses of plain water a day, cures most of these health problems.

Obesity is another problem of the industrialized world. A couple of days ago I was in the large Chinese Supermarket in Santa Elena Town here in Belize and they are so busy, they have three families of Chinese working there. It was their lunch time and everybody continued to work, serving customers, but eating lunch at the same time. I kind of peeked in their rice bowls. There was a stew of some kind.

At any rate, we were discussing this at home and my brother-in-law Gustavo Pinzon mentioned, that it was a MEASURED way of eating, to feed fuel to the organic machine that is our body. The Chinese rice bowl is smaller than a soup bowl, or the plates on which we serve food on at home. This caused quite a bit of discussion in our house and while in the past we had talked about eating two cups of food per day as a dietary means of controlling weight. The Chinese rice bowl seems more ancient and scientifically measured. You rarely see a Chinese overweight. Our household collective decision was that we are going to clean out our kitchen of all the European style, plates and bowls and put them in the kitchens of our different tourist facilities and buy some Chinese rice bowls, for a measured amount of food per day.

It would seem that depending on your climate and physical activity, that two rice bowls of mixed food per day is the right amount to eat in order to maintain good health. This is processed through your body and makes all the essential parts work correctly, if accompanied by the right amount of plain water. Three rice bowls are normal under certain circumstances of physical activity, or climate requirements. There are no second helpings. A second helping is wasted food and makes your body work more to excrete the non-essential food.

There is going to have to be a philosophical change forced upon us in our house, to stop the waist line from going obese. No more Coca Cola loaded with sugar. Indeed no more unnecessary foods loaded with sugar, like cakes, pies, and other confections. Much less bread and a limitation on biscuits. The advanced industrial world is selling us too many sugar loaded foods that are unnecessary for good health. In fact, they are ruinous to your health and shorten your life span. We have to think in terms of being an organic machine, like an outboard motor and give it the things required for good performance and healthy functioning.

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