Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Santa Elena Town of Belize expanding and now has three vegetable stands on main street.

Macal River market vegetable stand.


SANTA ELENA TOWN OF THE WESTERN BELIZE AGRICULTURE AND RECREATIONAL AREA EXPANDING AND NOW HAS THREE PERMANENT VEGETABLE STANDS ALONG MAIN STREET. Bananas every day at 10 bananas for a $1 Belize, or .50 cents USA. Small papaya a $1 each Belize, or .50 cents each all year round. We never shop over at the Macal River Market across the river on the bluff anymore. We go into San Ignacio Town of the Twin Towns on the other side of the Macal River, only to reach the Post Office and check our mail box, to get money from Atlantic Bank and they say they will soon open a bank branch on our side of the river in Santa Elena Town and of course we do not yet have a stationary store and must go across to Angelus Press on the San Ignacio side. The other item we must go across the river for is to find a butcher to buy meat. For everything else you can buy it right here in Santa Elena Town. One day we might even get a police station?

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