Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Mayan chocolate beans of Belize

Kakaw chocolate of Belize
Maya Gold Chocolate
Goss chocolate of Belize


Belize now has chocolate makers in various parts. We even have a lady making banana popsicles, chocolate covered on a wooden stick in my small community of Hillview. A number of Southern Districts are trying their hand in entrepreneurial chocolate making and manufacturing as a cottage kitchen industry. We are fast getting capability to export some chocolate candies. We do need some foreign assistance to allow small entrepreneurs to figure out how to EXPORT CHOCOLATE CANDIES. Places that are producing chocolate manufacturing are family sized right now and usually in locations that do not have either telephone service, or internet service. Belize produces it's own cacao from which chocolate is made. A lot of different small families are trying to start a chocolate export business. Finding a buyer overseas and learning to package and preserve, change the centers and flavors, packaging in most cases, are new things we are learning in Belize. We will overcome the difficulties though and compete in the world for our famous Mayan Kings royal families chocolate, been used here for more than 6000 years in the olden Mayan Empires. The CACAO bean was our money in Belize for most of the past 5000 years.

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