Thursday, May 21, 2009


Choco banana has vanilla and other stuff and ready to use.
Choco banana sold in Belize.

Choco banana is produced in Guatemala. The Maya over the border have cacao trees and they sell bulk ready to use chocolate that melts at room temperature in these plastic bags. We were running taste tests this morning and will have to experiment with adding different ingredients to get the mix and flavors we want. Decided to go into an arrangement with Dorita who makes banana chocolate popsicles for the experimentation. The bag of chocolate sells in the local Chinese stores out Western Belize here for $12.50. Not sure how much they weigh.

Belize produces cacao beans and some people might be trying to make chocolate, but it is mostly exported to England under the ORGANIC GREEN ECO LABEL or something like that. For local and future chocolate producers we are going to have to buy from nearby Guatemala who are more advanced than we.

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