Tuesday, May 26, 2009


href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_p5v3MNb1k_w/ShwQ5929d2I/AAAAAAAAA08/d4yWjwgh61A/s1600-h/telescope.jpg">Hubble telescope circling our spaceship, planet Earth
slice of universe

ORIENTATED TO CROPS, LEISURE AND DRINKING RUM. THEY ARE NOT FAR WRONG. As a rum drinking, rural, tropical country bumpkin, I put this piece on here to show you we think about more serious stuff too! ( grin! )


Saw a TV show the other night that discussed latest findings and speculations on the nature of our Universe. It would seem that our reality, and state of physics, which includes basic macro physics, quantum physics and planck physics, are probably not going to get us out to the other stars in our Spiral Galaxy. We cannot go faster than light, unless some bright young spark figures out how to manipulate TIME.
Forget the numbers, but apparently about 70% of the mass of the Universe is unknown, called DARK ENERGY. Of this, new computations put about 40% of that as DARK ENERGY and the other 30% nobody has put a name to it yet, or figured it out. There is certainly scope out there and careers for physics and star travel for the bright new minds and engineers of the future. Seems like a good career move?
That said, some new information has come to light. We knew the Universe was expanding. The long study of the HUBBLE telescope into the depths of a slice of the Universe, show TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of galaxies out there. When you have an explosion, the presumption is that the PRESSURE and BIG BANG is fastest at the moment of explosion. After that the concussion, starts to slow down as the Universe in this case expands. New HUBBLE data, however contradict that assumption. The EXPANSION of the Universe, or the speed of the spreading apart of the galaxies is INCREASING. Which is leaving everybody flabbergasted and looking for new theories to explain the data. I will repeat, the data shows the Universe is showing, that the Universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate of speed.
In other words, we know basically nothing about anything much!
DARK ENERGY is the future for OLYMPIC QUALITY physicists to go into. Though TIME and GRAVITY also have important roles in current physics. We are still basically pygmies in darkest Africa of the CONGO, using a TV set we don’t know how it works, or watching a jet plane pass overhead and wondering what it is? What we don’t know is greater than what we do know. Of course humans have only being making headway in this sort of thing for about 80 years out of the past 10,000 or so.

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