Saturday, May 30, 2009


The cycles of a Mayan long calendar.
Mayan Calendar Wheel
Mayan Calendar stone ( over 5000 year calendar of changing cycles in human affairs )


Belize took in about $680 million for 2008 in revenues. Because of the RECESSION and world wide readjustments in finances and business, the expectation had been for about $760 million. So the short fall really hurt Belize bad. We were short about $180 million below expectations. The GDP, and economy, plus government revenues, more or less rise about 10% a year with population growth and thus the market activity. 2009 was expected to be a tough year and 2010 even tougher. The GDP is shrinking.
The forecasts and expectations are for a recovery ( mostly fueled hopefully by Tourism during 2011 ) will pick up government revenues into the low $700 million range for revenues in the summer of 2011. Tourism is not really expected to have an effect on general revenues until the summer of 2012 and that 2012 Fiscal Year. By then the government revenues should reach the low $800 million mark and with a bit of luck on oil sales, tourism revenues by then and an easing on the world recession, we should be back to a growing revenue base for the economy.
If there is a dark cloud in this scenario, it is that 2012 is an election year and it is traditional for the party in power to steal a lot of money from the Government Revenues and Treasury to campaign for the election. So what should be a bumper government revenue year, will probably turn out lackluster in performance, once the corruption and stealing is factored in.

The Mayan Calendar Wheel predicts that in 2013, a great new change will occur in the affairs of Belize, both politically and economically. A new 5000 plus calendar will start and the periodic small cycles inside the great long calendar will signify a change in human and local circumstances. For us in Belize and probably the whole world, this will occur around Christmas of 2012 and be really starting to change by the New Years starting January 1st, in 2013.


Belize Division said...

Belize is spelt wrong in your heading.

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William said...

The new beginning of the Mayan calendar and Belize's rebound will occure Dec 21, 2012 at Lower Dover Field Station
Let the countdown begin!