Thursday, May 21, 2009

Giant Eagle Rays off Turneffe Atoll in 1967

Giant Eagle Rays of Turneffe Atoll in Belize

These two Spotted Eagle Rays are drawn from memory back in 1967, off Rendevous Point, shelf dropoff, on the North West edge of Turneffe Atoll. These two were about 18 feet across from wing tip to wing tip. One time I remember having a big Ray ( forget the name ) pass by me in the deep blue, off the edge of the cliff coral tunnels that must have been 24 feet across. The wing tip was about two feet from my head and the thing was looking right at me and I felt we could almost communicate? What memory I most remember from this giant ray in the deep blue of the Caribbean droppoff was that the EYE ball was the size of a dinner plate. It was a huge eye, and we stared at each other eye to eye, as it leisurely swam past me, trying to figure out what I was doing. I was in Scuba at the time and about 40 feet in depth. Talk about two species interacting. We were both curious.

This historical art work in the original is for sale at $450 usa, plus whatever postage and handling. Photocopy prints can be had for $19.95 usa plus $6 postage and handling. The art is on display in Ray Auxillou's PRIVATE COLLECTION at Hillview hacienda in Western Belize.

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