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The thing about the Dangriga PUP political convention was the COST. I know they chartered buses out West here and all the people I saw early in the morning were RENT-A-CROWD people. I know many of them as marijuana dealers and other hustlers. I guess these were the $25 a day people or more? Were there more true adherents in the buses after they filled them that didn´t get paid, or were expecting their reward with some kind of job allowing them to steal in the next PUP government? I don´t know. It was a very nice organized PUP pageant show from what I saw on TV.
The questions that crossed my mind, was how much did it cost? Who paid? I figure the CONVENTION pageant cost between $100,00 to $250,000 ?
Then I can´t see either Musa, Johnny, or Fonseca( PUP gang leaders of first rank ) taking money out of their pockets. So that left only LORD ASHCROFT to front the money. All the big local businessmen are probably not donating that much when strong armed these days is my guess.
The ramifications over this well financed and choreographed political PUP convention raised more questions than answers in my mind. I know from the last election that the rent-a-crowd PUP tactics show, follows the USA system pretty thoroughly. I still remember Musa as PM, running his political Meetings out WEST here, when I took tourist visitors to see them. Waving flags, speeches and the organized choreographed rent-a-crowd. It was impossible to figure out where Musa and his fellow candidates were coming from. They seemed in it only for the money and treated the voters of the area with contempt, which is what I thought. I was disappointed back then and apparently most everybody else in Western Cayo thought the same, as they lost badly.
This PUP convention made some good points I saw on TV. They got George Price out there to speak. Musa and Johnny embracing in hugs and protestations of support for Briceno as party leader were encouraging video clips. The only trouble with it, was the BROADWAY show aspect of it. It wasn´t stumping local politics, just a show, a play of theatre. No meat in the bun as far as speeches go. The most I got out of this PUP political convention, was they had big money financing in the millions of dollars again. From where and who? What part of our patrimony have they sold for their pieces of silver and what will it cost the individual taxpayer in the future, if they win?
I prefered the old style political soap box stumping and door to door meeting of candidates than these expensive entertainment shows myself.
The messages I got, where the band of pirates were back again, united as a gang, and they had millions in financing and if past history is any learning lesson, we the taxpayer are going to have to pay for it if they win, though how and in what form? Tax writeoffs and secret deals?
Last national election I did not vote for either the PUP or the UDP. Just voted for an independent. I figured that Rene an unknown UDP candidate seemed to have the election sewed up and didn´t need my vote. I was certainly horribly disappointed with the previous PUP two candidates for my Central Cayo election district. This election I am satisfied with the government work and current performance by our representative Rene Montero, his dedication and sincerity. So he will get my vote next election. What his party is, will have no part in my decision. I´m a SWING VOTER and I vote for the person, reputation and performance. Solely based on his performance in government right now, this past five years,he will get my vote. I think he is doing a good job.



From: G. Michael Reid
Subject: Bz-Culture: who's afraid of the big bad bully....
To: "Belize Culture" , "Belize Culture"
Date: Thursday, October 21, 2010, 10:53 PM

The people of Belize spoke in a loud voice this past Sunday as the spacious grounds of the Holy Ghost compound in Dangriga swelled to overflowing with an enthusiastic gathering of PUP supporters. The theme was “We Da Blue” but the message to the Dean Barrow administration was even more resounding; “enough is enough”!

For two and a half years, Dean Barrow and his band of misfits have run roughshod over the country of Belize and the people are crying for salvation. Witch-hunting and victimization have been the order of the day and has left our precious “jewel’ in a deplorable state of fear and intimidation. Mr. Barrow’s bullying tactics in the House of Representatives is emulated daily in the streets and our poor Belize is not what our ancestors envisioned it should be. Murders and other serious crimes are committed with dizzying regularity and criminals ploy their villainous acts with seeming impunity.

The conviction rate is dismal as both the Police and the Judiciary operate in a climate of demoralization. Shameful occurrences like the recent murder of well-liked attorney Richard Stuart paralyze our communities but despite compelling evidence that usually lead to quick arrests, more often than not, these cases wind up “nolle prosequi”. Shocking videos of armed robberies and equally shocking reports of ruthless acts like the killing of a mother for her baby have become daily fixtures in the evening news. Planes land in the dark of night carrying who knows who and who knows what and yet, our Prime Minister spends most of his time travelling abroad. Mr. Barrow spends much more time abroad than he does at home and so it was just as well and fitting that he should marry in Savannah as opposed to Belmopan. Kinda reminds us of the old story of Roman Emperor Nero fiddling while Rome was burning to the ground.

If one was to go by the report of Sunday’s event as covered by Channel Seven news, one might be led to think that this was a gathering of but a few thousand people. Let us hope that the Prime Minister does not rely solely on Jules’ account or he will be missing a valuable and poignant message. Please Prime Minister, seek out and examine the reports of your other contacts. This was a massive gathering of well over twelve thousand people and of interest was the fact that some previously staunch supporters of the UDP were quite visible and vocal in the midst of it all. Many expressed their dissatisfaction with the course our government is taking and realize that much of what they have been told is lies. The Prime Minister was recently exposed twice in one week with blatant mistruths and he probably should be told that a lie articulately told is a lie nonetheless.

Much was made in Channel Seven’s coverage about the absence of four parliamentarians and a suggestion that disunity was on display. If lying is indeed a qualification for consideration in the UDP, then Jules Vasquez deserves a gold membership card. What Channel Seven did not report was that while the Parliamentarians themselves were absent, every single constituency was represented. The hard cold fact is that the blue machine is obviously re-oiled and beginning a hard roll. The party leader has made it clear that the blue tent is big enough to accommodate all who choose to come under but the task at hand is too urgent to be sidetracked by any minor disgruntlement.

The much promulgated myth of division between the so-called old and new guard was definitively debunked as both Mr. Price and Mr. Musa were prominent in their participation. Both Right Honorable gentlemen expressed categorical endorsements of Johnny Briceńo and his executive and committed their efforts to the task ahead. What is quite obvious is that despite the best efforts of his Goebbels and Karl Rove, Mr. Barrow’s “dolly house” seems on the verge of total collapse. Belizeans have seen through the charade and shenanigans and realize that this emperor is butt naked.

The decision to hold the convention in Dangriga was a good one. Many small businesses and food vendors benefited and it proved a worthy prelude to the upcoming November 19th celebrations. Folks began arriving in Dangriga from early the previous week and most hotels and boarding houses were booked to capacity. Dangrigans were gracious hosts and blue and white flags were visible wherever one went.

The challenge now is for the PUP to put together a realistic and achievable manifesto and convince the Belizean voters that their return to Belmopan will not be a continuation of the same old same old. Belizeans deserve and are demanding better. Those who continue to try to convince us that both political parties are the same are dead wrong. The PUP is asking the people of Belize for a job and as the legendary Leader Emeritus has reminded us; those elected are servants and not masters of the people. Look at the way those members of this current administration conduct themselves and tell me; do they act like servants to you? They live high on the hog while the majority us struggle to put bread on our tables. They travel the world flying first class while the only trip that the rest of us can take is to Hattieville courtesy the Police Department.

The situation at home has many Belizeans abroad crying shame. Many confess that while they were hoping to one day return home to retire in Belize, they are now seriously contemplating change of plans. Sunday’s turnout in Dangiga is a ray of hope. There are enough committed people in the PUP to make a decided difference in the way things are currently done in Belize. The tent is still open and while the train has definitely started moving, it is still going slow enough to still jump on. Get aboard people, the time to save our country is now! May GOD guide the pup and may GOD bless Belize always!

G. Michael Reid
Citizen of the world

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