Tuesday, October 12, 2010



I don´t see anything sinister in the actions of the Belize airport bureaucrats.

TheSe were legitimate charter flights from Haiti to Belize, with a Dominican charter plane company. They followed all procedures.

There is some question about the tourists nationality, by criticizers, but none showing any other proofs, other than innuendo and slander, without facts.

Apparently there was some sloppiness on the Customs Declaration forms. Easy to happen. The late arrival happens if you have ever tried to depart small countries without regular staff and facilities operating to any kind of standard. You can´t always get gasoline for the plane when you want to top up, or clear on a schedule you want, due to a slack rural type bureaucracy. Been there, done that many times, in both plane and boats.

Japanese passports in this day and age are not so easy to forge. The visas perhaps questionable, but on television it was said, that Japanese DO NOT require a visa to arrive in Belize. They had Japanese passports apparently. The Belize visas according to the immigration officer in Belize did not have a country of issue, or consulate. That can happen too. Since they were Japanese and according to the announcement. Your remote issuing consulate dealing in Belize Visas, may not necessarily be completely familiar with stuff like that. A training problem for our foreign service.

The suspicion and allegations arise apparently because CHINESE require Belize visas, and they cost $12,000 so it was said on television. Normal visas in Miami cost $100 for Colombians. The TAIWANESE AMBASSADOR here in Belize recently in TV interviews wants their Taiwanese CHINESE Belize VISA requirements upgraded by Belize to normal, as they are not required in TAIWAN to get visas in 97 countries. It has not been explained by our media, the different countries that must pay for visitors visas to Belize, nor explained if there are different visa rates for Republic of China ( Taiwan) and Mainland Chinese.

Haiti is getting foreign aid from many, many, many foreign countries and it stands to reason the Japanese are running their own makeshift hospitals and food and shelter programs in Haiti. The Japanese do have aid programs in Belize as well. Mostly a type of Peace Corps volunteer. In contrast, ALL the hoopla by industrialized countries to raise AID DONATIONS for Haiti, NEVER MATERIALIZED. The big neighbor to the NORTH collected hundreds of millions of dollars donated to the RED CROSS apparently for Haiti relief, which was stolen apparently, and only a small percentage, or trickle EVER ended up to help HAITIANS. The rest disappeared into the RED CROSS up there, according to various news reports one gets on TV and radio.

That aside, Japanese tourists arriving from Haiti would be a very normal thing, for Japanese on their way home and wanting to tour a few Caribbean and Central American countries before returning home. All overseas volunteers do this, from EVERY country.

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