Sunday, October 31, 2010

BELIZE POST HURRICANE RICHARD day -5, relief efforts get into full swing.


On Saturday day 5 post Hurricane Richard disaster emergency. The Government, City Council, Nemo, Red Cross distribution systems were out of their malaise and doing real relief supply distribution to the needy. Local television covered the delivery of food, water and 2 inch Mexican foam mattresses. The distribution from here on is expected to be fairly uniform and those who lost houses will probably get some kind of pre-fab housing shelter if they have house lots, or materials for repairs for damaged structures. They should by rights have their own insurance, but most of them were in an olden beach front area, which while prime property, had been bought a hundred or more years ago and passed down through the families. Since that beginning today´s residents were not in good financial shape and probably did not have insurance for the most part.
The Belize Government institutions have been effective in past disasters, so there is no reason to doubt success in rehabilitating all those effected by Hurricane Richard. If there was a complaint, it was in the days of delay to those in real distress.

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