Thursday, October 7, 2010

Belize Papaya an export crop to the USA and growing.


There has been a blending of minds and synergies, between the government of Belize Agriculture Department, research and development and the Taiwanese mission. Small bit extra players, contributing are La Immaculada Credit Union, Small Scale Enterprises investment system.
A 5 acre demonstration plot, as a pilot project is being established for a Taiwanese exportable to the USA papaya variety. The idea is to expand rapidly over 18 months to another 30 acres of papaya.
The country of Belize already has a papaya exporter, Little Belize Fruit Packers, and cannot supply the demand in the USA. The estimate at the end of 18 months is a production of 20,000 boxes of papaya from 30 acres, using water pumped well supplied drip irrigation from the Northern acquifer, below the surface of this district. Little Belize Fruit Packers have been doing this successfully for a dozen years as a private venture. Currently they have been shipping two containers a week to the USA and supplying local markets with the rejects at a cheap price. We buy them for a $1 locally in the Twin Towns of Cayo. They ship 71,280 lbs already. So the market is there for more and the system is known and set up. A WIN – WIN situation. The buyers in the USA say they can buy about 10 to 12 containers a week.

Profit margin is expected to be about 20%. Or $32,000 bz currency to be split up on five acres. Not much, but you stay busy and have cash flow. The Taiwanese are introducing the Tainong papaya here, for the USA market. This papaya is great for US supermarket shelves, packs well, but not as big as the native Belizean variety.

Getting involved are the Taiwanese mission with their technical expertise. The demonstration 5 acre plot is to be a training system for about 50 farmers with land in Orange Walk district. The idea is to generate exports and foreign exchange. There is already an on going plan to access further funding from ICDF in TAIWAN and some other funding agencies to get the other 30 acres to expand the project. While the UK, Europe and USA stand idly by, TAIWAN continues their commitment to developing Belize, for which we are VERY GRATEFUL. Taiwan is Belize´s best foreign friend and biggest Foreign Aid development donor.

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