Sunday, October 10, 2010

Belize Entrepreneurial Export ideas!


Export Chocolate bars and candies to ARAB countries, spiced with delicious aromatic CARDOMOM from over the border, or make tea bags and sell the VALUE ADDED PRODUCT instead of the Guats shipping raw spice pods.

Thanks Paul. Was interested in exporting CARDAMOM tea bags and CARDAMOM chocolate candies to the Persian Gulf Arab countries. They apparently buy up all the 500 ton crop of CARDAMOM spice in raw bulk. The idea was to provide a VALUE ADDED PRODUCT for export from Belize. Been talking to our local Belize biggest chocolate finished product person producer down on the coast of Belize and the current small chocolate producers are still trying to serve the local market and are not yet contemplating and in some cases don´t even want to export yet. We have a lot of young people taking entrepreneurial educational classes in Belize, that need markets and ideas. Been intending to throw it out there. How´s the weather in Saudi Arabia? You in Riyadh, or down on the coast? I understand from the trade statistics that the Indian continent are having weather problems and the CARDOMOM spice crop is very SHORT this year and prices have gone up. Tried to get growing it here in Belize one time a few years ago, but the only suitable area is high range wilderness reserves and you could not get any title to land to plant the plants anyway. They are usually interspersed with other crops and shade trees. There is nothing wrong with bringing the Guatemala crop from over the border though and putting it in a VALUE ADDED PRODUCT for export. You can´t beat CARDOMOM spice flavored chocolates. No wonder the ARABS have been buying it for thousands of years, even from before the SAHARA DESERT was a big inland lake or sea archeologically speaking.

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