Friday, October 8, 2010

Somebody in Belize FINALLY got oil out of cohune nuts

CAN you get oil ( diesel substitute ) out of cohune nuts?
For as long as I can remember people have tried to get cohune oil out of the cohune nuts in Belize. They are tremendously hard. Over 55 years and I´ve never seen anybody make a machine that would do the job. Cattle pastures are often inundated with tall cohune palms loaded with nuts. But how to use them?

In FLOWERS BANK somebody has inaugurated a processing plant to do just that. Would like to see some photos and read the story of THAT?
Word is that back in May of this year 2010, AED ( whatever that acronym is?) supported by a BRDP to UNDP and MAF GRANT is now working. I´ll believe it when I see it!
The small cohune nut kernal yields up to 70% oil, but the kernal is only 10% nut. Cohune oil is sort of like coconut oil and the markets are expanding. You can use them both in a low rpm, high torque diesel engine and I used to do so in my Volvo Penta boat diesel engines, when I ran out of diesel. So long as the engine was hot, the oils worked fine.

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