Sunday, October 31, 2010



It took Indira Craig, a Channel 7 news reporter to shake up the bureaucracies. On day four while reporting on those effected by Hurricane Richard, her compassion and heart made her abandon temporarily her job. Reporters in the media are supposed to report the NEWS, but not participate or get involved. A good news reporter does not become the story. The port town of Belize City was lucky, she defied this standard of news reporting and it was her town. Indira organized on DAY 4 - THURSDAY and started serving meals and by the time she and some friends got going, they had food for the hungry and homeless in time for lunch. Over 800 were served in the small area of the disaster area in which she set up shop.
As in all emergencies and disasters, it takes some hero, or heroine, to stop talking and become a person of ACTION. After that, things quickly get organized and snowball. Embarrassed by Indira and the news videos, by the next day the bureaucrats got their own delivery services on the road.
In any disaster it takes one person, to just start doing things, that should be done. The unsung hero´s and heroines act like a magnet and suddenly the FOLLOWERS start following, the private sector start donating, because somebody is doing something positive and seems to have it organized. The real success story coming out of Hurricane Richard and the port town debacle, was INDIRA CRAIG and her friends who started a food kitchen for a long waiting line of desperate desolate people. Indira made a lot of people in the other districts of Belize PROUD and had tears in their eyes, as they watched the tv news video clips.

Indira for Prime Minister maybe? ( grin! ) Or PRESIDENT of the new REPUBLIC OF BELIZE.

contributed comment -- It took Indira Craig 4 hours to do what the Government, Nemo, Belize City Council, Belize Red Cross, the SALVATION ARMY, the YWCA couldn´t do in 4 days.

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