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Belize Goss chocolate sold 50,000 bars locally per year

Goss Chocolate of Toledo, in the heart of the jungle shaded organic chocolate bean producing area, claim they are not WANNA BE PRODUCERS. They are selling 50,000 chocolate bars a year and are having distribution problems within Belize. They do not yet have the local market saturated and admit to freight distribution problems because of the heat. Having tried to keep my own chocolate home made samples from melting, I can sympathize. They do admit to not EXPORTING YET, not having resolved language, labeling and wrapping problems for the export market. What their chocolate tastes like, I do not know? We are looking forward to the day they can saturate the Arabian markets of the Persian Gulf.

Dear Mr Auxillou

Good day from Goss Chocolate.

We read your edited report originally written by Armando Chun below that you sent to the BZ Culture email group and thought you would be interested in our products, since your edited report seemed a bit lacking in information. Goss Chocolate is not a "wanna be processor", we are very dedicated to excellence and serious about making premium chocolate from organically grown Belizean cacao beans, and have been commercially active for 3 years. In fact we are now the leading chocolate producer in Belize, supplying the country with a Belizean grown and Belizean processed gourmet chocolate we Belizean citizens can be proud of, and afford.

Goss Chocolate feels that the cacao organically grown in Belize is a superior product to many other mass produced cacao beans in the world, and we oppose the miserable forced child labour present on many African cacao farms.

Exports are a problem because each country has different packaging laws & language requirements.
Our packaging is only designed for Belize, and the protects our product from humidity & light.
We will be changing the wrapper slightly to comply with the new Belizean wrapper requirements.
We produced and sold more than 50,000 chocolate bars last year alone & expect to process more this coming season.
Our product is only available in Belize at present, and many foreign visitors buy our products for gifts back home.

Perhaps it is difficult to obtain our Goss Chocolate where you are living. We will be happy to send you a sample of our products.
Distribution is still a problem for us, but certainly not impossible, as the chocolate requires refrigeration and care in handling.
Please try to visit the annual Toledo Cacao Festival, held end of May in Punta Gorda, for a sample of all Belizean made chocolate.

Here is our information:

Welcome to Goss Chocolate,
a small family owned and operated chocolate enterprise in beautiful Southern Belize, the historic Cradle of Chocolate.

Goss Chocolate is 100% natural, made from 100% organically grown TCGA certified Belizean cacao beans, Belizean cane sugar, whole milk powder (only in milk chocolate bars), natural whole vanilla bean, lecithin (natural food product).

There are no artificial ingredients, flavours, fillers, or colours.
Our chocolate is full of vitamins and minerals, essential oils, and also packed with heart-healthy antioxidant power, flavanoids. Dark chocolate is known to lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol, and helps to soften hardened arteries.

We produce European style rich dark, milk, and white chocolate bars, and now a Special Dark made of select beans. We have a chocolate to suit everyone, and everyone deserves delicious healthful chocolate every day. We are working on adding the production of filled bonbons; we already have truffles, shapes, peanut butter coconut eggs, and other delightful treats for special occassions and special orders, as well as organic cooking chocolate. 100% organic Goss Cocoa Powder is now available and powdered cane sugar, also grown in Belize, will be available soon.

Have a taste of Goss Chocolate, fine Belizean chocolate made in Belize. Our chocolate factory is located in Seine Bight Village on the Placencia Peninsula, on the Blue Crab Beach grounds.

Goss Chocolate bars & products are now available in Belize at these locations:

Placencia: Wallen’s Market, Placencia Tourism Office, Everyday Grocery, Sunova Beach Gift Shop, Placencia Beach Bazaar, Michelo’s Cafe, Sunset Point, Chabil Mar Villas, Blancaneux Turtle Inn, Placencia Grocery Store, Tutti-Frutti Italian Gelato Shop, Nang Kee Supermarket
Seine Bight: Blue Crab Beach, Lola’s Art, The Inn at Robert’s Grove, Moorings
RFG Insurance, Caribbean Cabinet & Furniture, Western Horizon Grocery & Restaurant, Danube Restaurant, Perez Market, Peninsula Store
Maya Beach: Singing Sands Inn, Maya Beach Hotel, Green Parrot Beach Houses, Mindy’s Market, Jaguar Bowling Lanes, Erin’s Incredible Edibles

Various Peninsula hotels now welcoming their guests with complimentary chocolate bars and various fine area bakers and confectioners using our cooking chocolate and cocoa powder for their gourmet desserts, as well as Greg de la Fuente, traveling vendor for the entire Peninsula area.

Belize City: Advance Advertising Ideas Stores, Brodie’s Superstore, Brodie’s on Northern Highway, Save-U Store, Maya Island Air Municipal Terminal Restaurant, Toucan/Tabony Stores
Belmopan: Brodie's Superstore, 99 Supermarket, Kalger's Grocery, Cardinal Market, Formosa Cafe, Art Box, Ice Point Cafe
San Ignacio: Black Rock Lodge, Blancaneux Lodge, DuPlooy’s Jungle Lodge, Celina’s Grocery Store, San Ignacio Resort Hotel, Sweet Ting Gift Shop, Mopan River Resort
Spanish Lookout: Farmer’s Trading Center, Cedar Bluff Ranch
Corozal: D’s SuperStore
Orange Walk: De La Fuente Pharmacy
International Airport: Tabony/Toucan Stores, Advance Advertising Stores,
Lauren Duty Free Shop
Fort George Cruise ShipTerminal: Lauren Duty Free Shop, Rainforest Rumcake Gifts
San Pedro: Tabony/Toucan Stores, Caye Supplies
Caye Caulker: Caribbean Colors, Tabony/Toucan Stores
Dangriga: Bowmans Texaco Gas Station, Riverside Cafe, Xaibel Shell Gas Station
Hopkins: Hamanasi Resort, Butterflies Spa, Hopkins Bay & Belizean Dreams Resort, Beaches & Dreams Resort
Independence: Tony’s Superstore
Punta Gorda & Big Falls: Coleman’s Cafe, Sea Front Hotel, Coral House, Beya Suites, The Lodge at Big Falls, Emeri Restaurant, Mel’s Mart, Wits Store, Toledo Farm Center, Daniel’s Store, Casa Bonito, King Texaco Gas Station, ECC Service Station, Supaul Superstore, Alemania Store, Toledo Cacao Growers Association
San Pedro, Columbia: Maya Mountain Research Farm, Cus Store, Alan Store
Bella Vista: Tommy’s Store

Seine Bight, Hopkins, & Dangriga distributor Linn Wilson Goss:
523-3544, fax: 523-3543, email:
Placencia distributor Wallen’s Market 523-3128
Belize City distributor Lennox Hemsley 601-0968
Corozal distributor Glenn Warawa 422-0076
Punta Gorda distributor TCGA, Toledo Cacao Grower's Association
722-0109, email
Belmopan, San Ignacio & Spanish Lookout distributor Greg de la Fuente 605-4472

We hope you enjoy our chocolates.
Phone or email us and we can arrange distribution in your area.

Goss Chocolate is Belizean owned and operated, another proud and unique product of Belize. Hand made and hand wrapped in Belize.
From bean to bar, a fine Belizean treat. Available only in Belize!

Each box contains 24 2 oz bars, 3 pounds total weight.
distributor’s prices include GSTax :
milk chocolate BZ $68.00/ box
dark chocolate BZ $88.00/ box
white chocolate BZ $98.00/box
Special Dark BZ $108.00/box

Powdered cocoa pure organic product
(bulk package of four 7oz/200gr containers) BZ $24.00
1 7oz/200gr container BZ $7.00
bulk cocoa powder,
10 pounds minimum, BZ $10/pound

Goss bulk cooking chocolate prices:
factory direct only - transport not included
10 pound minimum:
milk chocolate (bulk)
Tempered -- bz$20/pound
untempered --bz $18/pound
dark chocolate (bulk)
tempered bz$25/pound
untempered bz$23/pound
white chocolate (bulk)
bz $30/pound
pure 100% organic baking chocolate, no added sugar, is now available as well.

GSTax receipts
Contact us about special orders, bulk cooking chocolate, milk, or dark, and our 100% organic pure powdered cocoa.

Visit our office at Blue Crab Beach and get lower factory direct prices!
Powdered Belizean sugar soon to come out on the Belizean market.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions at all.
Have a beautiful day!
Kerry and Linn Goss
Goss Chocolate
phone 523-3544 fax 523-3543
enjoy our website:
also please check our FaceBook Goss Chocolate page


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