Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fun with the internet and ancestry geneology records of AUXILLOU surname.


Interesting stuff. Found out on my Grandfather´s side, a Frenchman, who married my Irish grandmother in London,England,before World War 1, and where my grandfather died in the Battle of the Somme.
Anyway, tracing roots back through the French side of the family of AUXILLOU, it turns out our home village is a village of 444 population, halfway between Carcassone and Norbonne, in the South of France. This they say today is a picturesque village in wine making country. I have a small acquaintance with the area, having explored around Montpelier and over to Nice, some 20 years ago.

From the birth and deaths of church records, here is the following new information I have gleaned of my ancestors.

Jean Antoine Auxillou 1689
Auxillou marries daughter of Joseph Berger and Anne 1755
Auxillou marries daughter of John and Jame Burgis 1763 ( in the 1700´s marriages were child marriages arranged by parents before they were 6 years old. )
Auxillou, son of William and Mary Shepherd Tourret 1766
Margarite Auxillou born 14 April, 1777
Marie Pascale Auxillou, born 19 April 1778
Marie Rose Auxillou, 18 Mrach 1783
Marie Auxillou, born 27 Nov. 1787
Elizabet Auxillou, born 10 December, 1804
Marie Elizabeth Auxillou, 3, December 1808
Jeanne Elizabeth Auxillou, 31 August, 1810
Marie Rose Auxillou, 31 August 1810
This must have been the time of the FRENCH REVOLUTION and NAPOLEONIC WARS.
Castel Nau - D'Aude, Aude, France.

Of course nowadays, the home village of Auxillou´s is Caye Caulker, Belize, Central America. Though we have Auxillou´s also in Canada, USA, Australia. I do believe there are Auxillou's also around Guadalajara, Mexico,descendants of one ancestor, great great grandfather, who was a French Legionaire, when Emperor Maxmillian lived in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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