Wednesday, October 6, 2010


From Charlie in Washington

"I still remain blown away that I can call remote southern Russia (near Chechnya and Iran) for 4 cents (U.S.) a minute and Belize for 20 cents + per minute."

Not only that VOIP the newspapers say is going to continue to be blocked, and recent articles in the media castigate the Prime Minister for continuing Lord Ashcroft's policies with high phone prices.

The one point I agree on, is the lawsuit to allow BTL ( now belonging to the Belize Government through NATIONALIZATION, and run through the Prime Minister, Dean Barrow and his relatives and flunkies ) to make SMART, Lord Ashcroft's other competitive telephone company pay a fair share fee for using the fiber optic undersea cable to the rest of the world owned by BTL.

The speculation coming from the media articles and letters is that the Prime Minister 'over - estimated' the value of BTL since he nationalized it ( at $300 milion bz. ) and now that he has ordered the Social Security Board to buy $50 million in shares in BTL at an artificial price, he himself has set, the continuation of Lord Ashcroft's plundering Robber Baron policies with BTL are now being continued by Prime Minister Dean Barrow to dig himself out of a mismanaged hole.

Plain obstructionism and monopoly politics is now the rule of the day with government controlled BTL and unfair trade practices. The Prime Minister WILL NOT allow BTL shares to be sold on the open market within Belize, to Belizeans in a BID and ASK auction system, that ALL shareholding PUBLIC companies should do. He is; it is charged in the media, playing MONOPOLY Robber Baron POLITICS again, just like Lord Ashcroft did and does.

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