Sunday, January 8, 2012

$5.5 million EU GRANT to help with rural electrification in Belize.


Financing for this project is $5.5 million. BEL´s National grid will be expanded to include 27 rural communities. The European Union will finance 75% of the project by a ACP GRANT. The government will put the other 25%.

Rural communities to be effected by electrification are:
Steadfast, Belama Phase 4, in the port urban area, Belmopan the capital urban area, Dangriga Wagirale and Rivas Estates, Independence urban area, Benque Viejo Town expansions, Cotton Tree, Valley of Peace, Ontario, Hattieville, Rockstone Pond, Succotz, San Lazaro, guinea Grass, Paraiso, San Narciso, Patchakan, Carmelita, Libertad, Hope Creek, sarawee, Hopkins, San Roman Village, Seine Bight, Bella Vista. All these have electricity, but have grown in size with more urban areas without electricity and this is intended to increase the size of the National Grid services.

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Tershia said...

I wonder how much of that money will actually go where it is supposed to????