Saturday, January 7, 2012

APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM IN BELIZE A SUCCESS ! 5 points awarded on UDP government performance report card. NEW SCORE FOR UDP 11%

Typical ITVET ( fledgling community college system in Belize ) graduation class.


The UDP Report Card has been upgraded 5 points for the successful completion of an apprenticeship program. The article is in the GUARDIAN newspaper, the incumbent government propoganda sheet for Sunday, January 8th, 2012.

Seems they gave courses somewhere in the country, probably in Belmopan? The center of the country. The program had 20 students and covered training in Welding, Air conditioning and refrigeration, auto mechanic, hospitality management, cooking, secretarial skills, electrical, plumbing and hotel maintainance. Of the 20 students, 18 received salaried jobs IMMEDIATELY by their sponsoring employees. A 90 % successful graduation rate. The students also got some eye awakening trips around their own country, to a cruise ship to have lunch with the crew, a snorkeling tour of fabulous fish rich Hol Chan Marine Reserve and swam with sting rays and sharks and learned something about the Great Barrier Reef.


The rumor mill has it that the very successful, APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM has been cancelled, due to financial constraints? Apparently down in the port town, the DAY JOB employment of unemployed youth on work projects is sucking $50,000 a week out of the thin government budget, which is basically running a negative cash flow. The port town $50,000 job project, is an effort to draw off the murder rate, due to vendettas, revenge killings and quarrels for crack cocaine and marijuana street sales by local gangs. The recruitment rate in street gangs was effecting safety and security in the port town streets with senseless killings. Since there is not enough money to go around, and all money these days spent by the government of Belize is either FOREIGN GRANT MONEY, or LOAN money from international institutions, some hard priorities are being chosen by those in the political CABINET. SHAME THAT if true?

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