Saturday, January 7, 2012

UDP lose 5 points on report card. New performance rating 6%


Another month has rolled around, and still NO news from the CABINET, Local Government Ministry, or the Friday Legislature meetings, that a reading of the Placentia Town Board has occured to make their TOWN BY-LAWS legal as stated by law.
Submitted as requested to Local Government in 2003, procrastination is the name of the game by both political party governments. No progress in developing the country. It is now going into the 9th year of waiting on government to do their jobs. I thought 3 years to get a title transfer for land, was atrocious, but the incompetence of both the CABINET and MINISTER OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT is very hard to believe in Belize.
Monthly deduction of 5 points for FAILURE to run the government efficiently, from their 11% previous performance report card rating. Gives a score of government and political competence at 6% in January, 2012 for the UDP.
I´m surprised the port town media have´nt picked up on this bureaucratic and political problem and done articles on it?

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