Thursday, January 12, 2012


** The interview confirms the Prime Minister is a CROOK in public opinion, though less a crook than the previous Prime Minister.


The talk show was a good one. For the most part BARROW our El Caudillo, the MAFIA DON, acquitted himself well. Call in people via telephone hit the Prime Minister ( unelected )with most of the hot button topics that were concerning people. I´d give him probably a 75% rating on his Prime Minister´s performance. For those of us, expecting better, it was disappointing on TWO issues, in which he more or less, though evasive, admitted to being a CROOKED CRIMINAL. At least that was the way I interpreted it? The interviewers Sharon and Moses figured it that way to, but moved on to cover as many hot button issues, as possible.
The two tricky issues;
a) were the over a million dollars given to his UDP party elected representatives, for presents at Christmas, to his party members and not the elected representatives of the OPPOSITION party. In other words, HE STOLE OUR MONEY, FROM GOVERNMENT REVENUES for personal advancement of his gang. He went round and round about it, being avasive, trying to justify the RAIDING of the TREASURY with various excuses, but BOTTOM LINE, the Prime Minister authorized and stole over a million dollars from the public treasury, as a campaign trick, to earn votes from the poor, ostensibly as a thinly disguised charity effort, which actually was party spending for the relection campaign coming up in about 12 weeks. BASICALLY BARROW in my opinion, and that of the talk show hosts, STOLE THE MONEY, just like Said Musa and Ralph Fonseca and Glen Godfrey did when their PUP were in power.
b) The other tricky issue was the ROSEWOOD exporting business. AGAIN, BARROW the Prime Minister was evasive. Explaining in a round about way, like any criminal in the interrogation room, that as GANG LEADER, he had to support his gang members, the political party in their nefarious activities. What was not said, was more revealing, as he squiggled on the hook like any fish, fighting for his life. Basically I understood from him, that he admitted UDP gang CORRUPTION in the ROSEWOOD business, and that he had to support the CORRUPTION of mainly THREE PEOPLE in his party. That would be his party leader deputy GASPAR VEGA, the CABINET MINISTER of NATURAL RESOURCES and FORESTRY, who has some kind of deal going with this ROSEWOOD exporting business and two other TOLEDO UDP ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, who did not want their election situation hurt, by doing anything to offend their Mayan village constituents, who are cutting down the rare exotic species of ROSEWOOD for export. In balance, short term election campaign results, and probable self enrichment while the party was still in power, were more important than long term protection and wise management of scarce forest resources of our national patrimoney.

BARROW the PM ( un-elected ) was more or less defiant. He did not think he was going to lose the coming election, and I think his attitude is correct there? Simply because while the UDP have proven themselves to be CORRUPT, his party is LESS CORRUPT than the OPPOSITION PARTY OF PUP, ( by a big margin ) who at the moment are also disorganized. The other political grouping, the United Alliance, the VIP and PNP six members are basically no shows, or not worthy of attention, or considered a threat, as they have been unable to display any campaigning organizational skills, worthy of election.
PM Barrow more or less indicated he would renege on his promise to retire, if his party won the election. But if his party lost, he would retire then.

Generally speaking, Prime Minister Barrow handled the other HOT BUTTON issues very well, and were more to do with explaining mis-communications and perceptions, that satisfied my curiousity. I felt satisfied with his explanations on everything else. I guess the public expected him and his party to be like he often portrays himself to be, a GUARDIAN ANGEL of Belize, with white feathered, ANGEL wings sprouting from his back and a HALO on his head. Disappointing that his BOMBAST in the past was a lie and that he accepts political corruption and crime, as a party perk. But what are you going to do as a voter, when the OPPOSITION are so much worse? CRIME is to be punished by the other guy, not by politicians.

There was a third issue for me, that never came up in the time alloted for an hour TV show. That was his attitude to the new Prime Minister of Jamaica, who is going to BEAT BELIZE into turning JAMAICA from the British SPOILS parliamentary political system, to a REPUBLIC. I pretty much figure, BARROW probably would not support Belize advancing this way, as BARRÖW is known locally as a port town ANGLOPHILE. We never found out the answer to that question as TIME ran out on the TV show.

All in all, it was a good TV show and BARROW is probably quite right, his PARTY despite CRIMINAL CORRUPTION in his party gang are not going to find that the activity is going to lose the next election this year in three months.

What I did find disconcerting was the ROSEWOOD SCANDAL, the putting of nefarious dealings of his CABINET MEMBERS before that of the interests of the nation. They are making money or something right now, and that trumps, taking action to preserve rare exotic wood species like ROSEWOOD. His CABINET members want to make as much money as possible before the election is called. I thought and so did Sharon and Moses the interviewers; that BARROW should make ROSEWOOD EXPORTS valid as a policy ONLY in a VALUE ADDED partly processed mode. Such as tables, guitar blanks and such things. That would cut down wholesale raping of the forest resources, like happened with MAHOGANY and PINE LUMBER, that was EXPORTED by past politicians for short term riches and gains, over long term forestry management, similar to the way we manage fisheries products. We apparently will be EXTINCT IN ROSEWOOD trees by the time the election rolls around, with no full growth lumber available for future generations going out 200 years or so? SHAME THAT! GREED WINS OUT IN POLITICS!

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