Saturday, January 7, 2012

Prime Minister Barrow of Belize promise good until General Election this year is passed.


While the IMF recommended an increase in the GST tax, ( a sales tax on every step of production, ) from 12% to 15% to work on the outstanding debts of the government at 85% Debt to GDP ratio. The Prime Minister, El Caudillo, Dean Barrow said emphatically there will be no change in the tax this year 2012. Of course this is ELECTION YEAR in 2012 and GENERAL ELECTIONS WHEN HIS PARTY WILL RUN AGAIN, is probably going to happen either in mid March, or June of this year.

Politicians like women, get to change their minds whenever they want. We do expect this promise to last through the time selected for the General Election for 2012. There has been no law reducing the requirement to be from a 5 year term to a 4 year term yet. News just came down the pipe, that the NEW Jamaican Prime Minister will change their political system from our crooked British system copy, to a more successful and equitable political system of a REPUBLIC. In Belize, I kind of thought we should change to a REPUBLIC also, but no go despite debates on the subject, our LEADER is not elected as a leader in our government. He is a MAFIA DON, elected solely as a localize small elected representative and by default as party gang leader, gets to be appointed LEADER AND PRIME MINISTER of the nation, by the QUEEN´s REPRESENTATIVE in the U.K. We are not independent yet!

At any rate, we do expect the Prime Minister not to raise GST tax until AFTER the general election. After that, who knows?

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