Wednesday, January 18, 2012



Guatemala has no EXTERNAL ENEMIES. Guatemala is now part of an expanding peaceful, economic GDP growth, with ALL the Central American countries, including the neighbor to the NORTH, Mexico.

EMPLOYMENT, GDP GROWTH, CIVIL RIGHTS, all these things have exploded to the advantage of GUATEMALAN SOCIETY, since the GENERALS were forcibly retired and the MILITIARY DOWNSIZED. Without an external enemy GUATEMALA has absolutely NO NEED for a military, just like SUCCESSFUL COSTA RICA.

That said; GUATEMALA probably could have a showcase military and this would be for basic functions. The PRESIDENTIAL PALACE AND ceremonial performances for STATE functions, like the VATICAN does. There are a need for military personel to fight DROUGHT, DISTRIBUTE FOOD TO THE NEEDY, help people after a LANDSLIDE, EARTHQUAKE, VOLCANO ERUPTIONS, and this sort of thing. DISASTER RELIEF being their major function.

The same unit used for above functions, could also be used to fight DRUG GANGS. We are not talking a lot of members of drug gangs. Maybe less than 50 violent people. A proper police unit, like a Gang Suppression Police Unit, or SWAT TEAM can deal with drug gangs. In total, there is probably NO JUSTIFICATION to hire, train and pay for more than 60 military personel in TOTAL. Two or THREE platoons. 45 military sized people is probably more than adequate for GUATEMALA.

To HIRE and establish a bigger military in GUATEMALA would be a WASTE of scarce TAX REVENUES. MONEY THAT COULD BE SPENT MORE WISELY IMPROVING INFRA-STRUCTURE and public services.

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