Saturday, January 21, 2012


The wierdest thing! Reports are starting to come into my e-mail box wanting to know the POLICY REASONS for a regulation at IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT, THAT ALL BELIZE CITIZENS RENEWING THEIR BELIZE PASSPORTS, must have a NATURALIZATION CERTIFICATE.

Just think; according to the message stream and complaints coming in; DEAN BARROW, JOHNNY BRICENO, FRANCIS FONSECA, SAID MUSA and ALL BELIZEANS who currently hold a BELIZE PASSPORT, NOW HAVE TO ACQUIRE AND TAKE A NATURALIZATION CERTIFICATE, in order to RENEW THEIR Belize Passport.

1) The idea behind this regulation is a mystery? Of course new immigrants, will already have passed their 5 year PERMANENT RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT. Reports say and I can vouch for this as well from personal knowledge of people, that IMMIGRANTS will take about 8 to 10 years, acquiring the 5 year certification of PERMANENT RESIDENCY. At which time, they swear in at a ceremony and get a NATIONALIZATION CERTIFICATE, which can be presented to authorities at IMMIGRATION to get a Belize PASSPORT.

2) Belizeans holding a Belizean PASSPORT are mystified? What is the REASON, that born in Belize, or already naturalized Belizeans from long ago, have to NATURALIZE IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY? ONE HAS VISIONS and it has been suggested this is a money making excercise by the UDP Government. But apparently, this regulation precedes the UDP government, back into the PUP government time?

3) Further speculation is that it is some sort of policy to get rid of native born ROOTS BELIZEANS in favor of new immigrants being encouraged to come to Belize to build our economy. A lot of JAPANESE would be needed to boost GDP, and ROOTS BELIZEANS DO NOT DO THIS. They are for the most part parasites. Of course, any recent NEW BELIZEAN will have a NATURALIZATION CERTIFICATE as part of past process at IMMIGRATION. Certainly as a Belizean I don´t have one and never needed one before. NO BELIZEAN holding a CURRENT VALID PASSPORT WILL HAVE ONE EITHER. So the assumption is; somehow this IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT REGULATION is targeted at native Belizeans, both those that have a passport for decades and those who may apply in the future. But the WHY is mystifying? What is the policy for? ONLY new immigrants would have such a NATURALIZATION CERTIFICATE.

The street and parlour discussions on this have gone round and round, but nobody so far, has offered a credible answer to this NATURALIZATION REQUIREMENT of a native born BELIZEAN? Some nefarious long term, purpose is guessed at by most people, because it doesn´t make any sense.

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