Sunday, June 17, 2012


Seems we have three sugar ventures in Belize now, for the future, from the newspapers?   We have BSI sugar factory supplied by local sugar cane farmers.  Now majority owned by USA investment, after Belizean ownership ran it into bankruptcy, or just about on the verge. We HAD Mexicans buying out the abandoned rusted sugar factory by Corozal.  Though we haven't heard BOO about that for the longest while.  Deal must have collapsed?  Then we have what seems to be a Spanish Holding Company investment in sugar for the Belize River Valley area, which has bought the land.
  Latest blurb and gossip on that was; they had applied for all the environmental permits, licenses and other stuff, but apparently didn't pay the Cabinet Minister a BRIBE?  Being a $100 million dollar investment that is a NO NO!  Bribes must be paid for permits, environmental stuff, licenses and so forth in Belize.  That is how our British inherited pirate political party CABINET system works.  Bribes are one of the political perks. Whether in the U.K or in African commonwealth countries.  It has gotten more sophisticated nowadays, from 20 years ago.  No longer does the Political Cabinet Minister's CHAUFFER, work as a bribe cutout.  Nowadays, you get shares to own a television station, or a radio station, or ( remember the Radisson Hotel and Esuivel? ) Or Musa with his government printers privatization, or the private hospital scam with $20 million USA of Venezuela's housing grant money newspaper stories on scandals?
  Anyway, the foolish Spanish ( real Spanish from Spain ), apparently thought they had complied with the law, until somebody notified the Cabinet Minister they had, or were digging an irrigation ditch and then the bull feces hit the fan, and the project was stopped.  With a schedule to develop, rainy seasons and all that, bank loan interest payments to meet monthly, back in Spain, they were stopped COLD. More investment projects in Belize have been broken using that local political gambit. Stalled projects by political maneuvering for bribes cannot tolerate artificial delays, with interest payments running. Works the same in Miami Dade County in Florida, or in the U.K.
  Anyway, the Spanish Holding Company investment according to the weekend newspapers is stalled right now, until the pressure of interest payments cost, back in Spain and the EU, force somebody to bribe the Cabinet Minister, is the common assumption here by the Belizean voting public.  The only curiousity here, is in what form of disguise will a bribe be disguised?  That's the scandal and SOAP OPERA part of Belize. Our entertainment in this country of Belize.

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