Monday, June 4, 2012


LETS GET PRO-ACTIVE WITH AGRO PROCESSING AND EXPORTING. HOW? Well let us as citizens demand our political government, get the bureaucratic administrators of departments involved with this agro-processing exporting business, start ACCOUNTING for what they are doing? We've hired in recent times, a lot of educated academics supposed to be gung ho, and with ability to foster this industry. How about we require the names of the department administrators, the person, as in also the academic technician, so assigned to work on this business. Their TITLE and NAME. For example: We know growing LEEKS, by hydroponics ( flat slightly slanted ) cement slab type, ebb and flow bed, will grow year round, all the LEEKS you could want, from real time experiments over past 10 years. LEEKS are small bulb onions. They are sold in local markets. You chop off the marble sized onion, wash them and put them in plastic jars, like peanut butter jars, sealed in with vinegar. You export them by the container load. A delicacy, pickled onions. Heck, we even import them occasionally. How to get this started and while we have talked about it for the last five years, we are no further ahead today, than five years ago. How about these educated bureaucratic clerical types with degrees in marketing and business, be assigned the project. Give us the names of those responsible, so we can keep track of their work. We would need them to make a business plan. A feasibility study. We need in these reports, information like; who the market buyer would be in the two China's, or in Japan, for a container per month, of preserved onions such as these? Cost of container, shipping costs, price FOB our port. We need a study on the lithographer, business seperately, who would start a business making cardboard boxes locally, to house the plastic jars of onions. We probably would need a study report on the costs of buying and setting up an injection molding machine, to make the plastic bottles and caps. Mr. Canton is an expert at this stuff, working for the citrus factory. Dot all the i's and cross the t's. Give the bureaucrats 30 to 60 days to do the research and type up the feasibility study, the business plan for the financing and outlining all the steps from A to Z. If somebody with a Bachelors can't do this, then they should not be in the job. Failure to produce the studies in the time frame, would mean loss of job, and replacement by somebody else. We only have 4 years to get this industry going in all manner of foodstuffs. The world markets are there, but local producers want to produce, can produce, but lack the info needed for processing costs and marketing contacts. Our oil will be GONE IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS, and around 25% of our ANNUAL BUDGET MONEY, if we don't get moving. I will print all the studies and reports on my BLOG, maybe that will stimulate some outside investment? PICKLED ONIONS PRODUCED IN BELIZE. LEEKS PRODUCED IN BELIZE

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