Saturday, June 9, 2012


FAMOUS GEORGE SOROS, FOREIGN EXCHANGE TRADER, KING OF THE HEAP SAYS; DRASTIC AUSTERITY MEASURES, SHRINKING THE ECONOMY AND GDP, CANNOT REDUCE THE DEBT BURDEN OF COUNTRIES WITH POOR POLITICAL MANAGEMENT. HE SAYS, YOU CAN ONLY GROW YOUR WAY OUT OF DEBT AS A NATION. LACK OF OR INADEQUATE INTERNATIONAL EXPORTS AND COMPETITIVENESS AND THE BANKING SYSTEM ARE MORE AT FAULT _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ IN THAT REGARD WITHIN BELIZE: Answering criticism of the political government of UDP for leadership, the latest blurb in the REPORTER newspaper, of Belize, a weekly and leading newspaper, was a press release by BELTRAIDE, the until now, must useless government department ever designed by our politicians. Originally intended as a sink hole for salaried jobs for party faithful, party hacks and nepotism favorites, so far in it's long life it hasn't produced a darned thing, that we could say is useful. At least none that we in the public are aware of. One of the things BELTRAIDE is good at, is pointing the finger, blowing rhetoric and hot air, padding the department with high sounding phrases and reports justifying their salaries and of course LOTS OF EXCUSES. Interestingly enough, the political cabinet was challenged to produce a government department to answer requests in the public media for Business Plans, Feasability studies and market research for producers of small agro-processing ideas, along with equipment identification and sources to get started. Considering most producers do not have a computer, the technical help would be paramount. Unfortunately, the press release doesn't really tackle the problem. They are making their excuses already. While BELTRAIDE has been identified as the government department tasked to do the necessary planning and research work, they in turn are following the usual political format of blame shifting, finger pointing and excuse making. At least there is one small iota of improvement. We now know we can blame BELTRAIDE for things not done. However, NOBODY is either named, or assigned for responsibility and accountability within that government department. So who can you check on from the public sector? They say, that they will ONLY work on a ONE on ONE, interview, in THEIR OFFICE ( it costs money to go to Belmopan and days of lost work, for impractical results, but bull manure. What BELTRAIDE are avoiding, Mr. member of the political cabinet, is responsibility and accountability. You and we, are being snowed under with verbiage. What we the private sector want and need, is production by BELTRAIDE of unsolicited regular ideas, and information, regarding new products we can produce, process and export. We need the WHAT, WHERE, HOW, SELL to who for how much, costs involved and all that stuff. Producers don't have the TIME, or KNOWLEDGE TO DO THIS SORT OF RESEARCH PRODUCTION. When BELTRAIDE say they will only respond to ONE on ONE requests, and work with producers for export. What they mean is the producer will have to do ALL THE WORK and BELTRAIDE will tout it as THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENT, in their monthly and annual reports. Development doesn't work that way. BELTRAIDE need to do the work, all the feasability studies, business management plans, production of product ideas, transportation, equipment requirement sources and costs, provide the buyers in foreign lands, etc. Let BELTRAIDE since that is the designated department using our tax dollars, start with a few markets and ideas we already know would work. PICKLED ONIONS, SUGAR CUBES, HERBAL MEDICAL SUPPLEMENTS, SOLAR PANELS FABRICATION AND EXPORT ( to Guatemala and Salvador ), small steam powered generators ( 5 to 15 hp ), hammock making, spices, specialized herbal tea bags and cartons, match factory, etc. Just produce the darned stuff, in magazine, or booklet form complete from A to Z and distribute same. Be glad to print the stuff on my International Blog, with over 12,000 readers per month for things Belizean. This is what is called jump starting, or lifting the poor remote producer up by their boot straps. Have their researchers SIGN the research work, so we can know the quality of the sources. ( accountability ) Just produce the booklets on such export ideas with ALL the necessary information, so a producer can start the ball rolling. It is too slow and too expensive, the current BELTRAIDE way. We need a finished product out of BELTRAIDE, not imaginative excuses.


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