Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rainy Season in Belize brings torrential rains to destroy small farmer crops.

Torrential rains this past weekend, resulted in losses to small farmers of market gardening crops, in rows and greenhouses in the Belize River Valley. Small farmers are reporting crop losses anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. At least a dozen major producers were effected on their family market gardening vegetable operations. First time they say, they have EVER seen this in that area, even during Hurricanes. Tomatoes, melon and bell peppers are reported total losses. At least one greenhouse was destroyed due to heavy torrential rains. Out in Hillview, which is built on the slope of GREEN PARROT VALLEY, we get torrential rains and it collects along the higher ridge of the suburb, up the hill. This time, the sheet of water from the water logged soil, came pouring down on our house and flooded the upper level ( on the slope ) room on the slope. We had a veritable creek of rushing water, blocking the sheet of water pouring down the house yards on the hill above us, and piled up against the side of the house and forced it's way around the side of the house and out the front gate, to pour into the street side ditch. Very fast water pressure indeed. A small fast moving river about a foot deep and 4 feet wide.

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