Friday, June 15, 2012

BELIZE- Anytime government debt exceeds 3% of GDP, the elected politicians are fired and banned from running for office again.

ANYTIME THE TOTAL DEBT OF BELIZE RISES ABOVE 3% OF GDP, all elected politicians must be fired.  They are then BANNED FOR LIFE from holding elective office in government management, ever again. 
As anyone will tell you that public transportation and public infrastructure is an essential component for the growth of any economy. Weak economies have poor public transportation and the strong economies have subways, metros, greyhounds, turnpikes, bridges, etc. There is no disputing the fact that small population is a hindrance to large growth, but the upside is that a small population should breath manageability. Take Haiti for instance with near ten million people, the large population was a hindrance to them. They have depleted there natural resources such as trees, water, etc. to the point that there lands are barren and the people are living in deep poverty.
I will not be one to be proverbial and say we need to "count our blessings in Belize", because I know as a nation we can do better, if the motives are genuine.
A good transportation system requires substantial capital for it to be viable. The present structure in Belize is a case of getting what you paid for and even then in comparison with other countries what Belizean pay is high. For example to travel 50 miles on a paved road one will pay US$3.50 for a non-stop trip. That trip is still considered cheap by the existing bus company because of the rising cost of fuel and the high bank charges.
But bear in mind that a bus permit for any of the bus lines have a one year life span, which does not allow for any major investment to be made because there is no way a one year contract will allow to pay off a large 10 to 15 year loan. Yet the policy makers refuse to be practical and increase the permit period. It they do however then they can force bus operators to improve on their equipment and service.
ADO in Mexico has been there for donkeys years because they have been given time to recoup their investment and make a profit. No one invest to lose money or because they are in love with Belize. We must get real. The population has nothing to do with Belize's backwardness, it is the backwardness in thinking that have Belize where it is today.
Some will argue that it is still a better place than most, but those in the diaspora see Belize as their pet project, but they will remain in their bigger economy with better public transportation and infrasture.
Life is real, Belize is where it is economically and socially becaue its citizens appreciate it as is. How is that to stir up the minds. Whenever they want the change they will do so, don't worry about their noise.
There you have it my two cents to stir the thought.

Now that we are beyond the political campaigning, how about discussing what in your experience are some of the solutions to force changes in the Belize City society. Regardless of political affiliations, all elected officials must be made to represent the people who voted for them and there should be a demand placed on then to define what will be done (real programs) to instill civil pride, fix the playgrounds for the kids, institute sports into the elementary schools and most important their program to help reduce the level of crime. You now have Merida, Caymans and I am sure many others where they have done something about the crime rate. Maybe somebody should consider getting help from Singapore where you will pay dearly if you commit a crime (any crime) . Time to make all politicians be held accountable or else force a referendum to recall them from their seats. Warren Buffet suggested he can fix the US deficit and it include passing a law that says anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting member of Congress are ineligible for re-election. Similar laws can be proposed to ensure that those who ask for the job of governing, will be held accountable to govern.
I don’t live in Belize so I must respectfully defer to those who live there to implement the solutions they deem appropriate. Let me know your thoughts.

Great discussion - on my way out the door now but I'd like to continue the interesting dialog. One point about Haiti, too many people, not enough land and no natural resources; also sits on an island. One major drawback in Belize, bureaucratic laws. Try to open a bank account as one who lives abroad and you'll fond out. Also, the article that Michael Lindo referred to was in the NY times and I believe I saved a copy . It talked about the bureaucracy and corruption in Belize as compared to Cayman.
G. Michael Reid
Citizen of the world

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