Monday, June 11, 2012

An alternative suggestion to producing economic aid for boot strap entrepreneurial startups in Belize

The recent press release by the appointed agency BELTRAIDE in assisting small micro financed start ups, leaves much to be desired. While touted as successful in an industrialized country, it lacks the imagination to adapt the results to our local environment. Which is a much more difficult business environment than say the USA. The adoption of this model by BELTRAIDE, which as I understand it, will not actually do any work of a productive kind, is typical do nothing and find excuses later, by the entrenched bureaucratic mind. From what they said, they are going to have High Schools and possibly COLLEGES district wide, produce the needed information by computer research. Business plans, sources, market data information, prices, shipping, material and equipment costs, etc. This means voluntary, diversified, without anybody special being RESPONSIBLE, AND ACCOUNTABLE, for producing research product. NOT GOING TO WORK IN BELIZE FOR SURE. It is a WASTE OF TIME. TIME is something the economy and the nation no longer has. I can understand the rational. The government being broke, it has no money to pay salaries or hire anybody. So are looking through BELTRAIDE, a bull manure verbiage government factory, to spin the wheels and hot air bombast, while reports and hot air full of excuses are the rule of the day. To my mind, give me two dedicated Bachelor degree people with business and marketing background, pay them a salary, I will even supervise them if you want, FREE OF CHARGE. Like our fabulous GRANT WRITERS in the bureaucracy, we need to produce and very fast. In four years the oil exports are due to reduce to a trickle and 25% of our government revenues will likewise disappear. What I envision is a 30 day production period for research on possibilities of things for export, for any number of ideas. You cover all the data needed and compile it into a book, or booklet, like a magazine. Then disseminate same all over the nation, FREE OF CHARGE. Perhaps as a newspaper insert. Readers and would be entrepreneurs, would get their ideas, the possibilities from this booklet. This would be a method of jump starting, or bootstrapping entrepreneurs into becoming producers. Could produce it quarterly and keep adding on the products and ideas and information on HOW TO. Eventually the booklet would become quite thick. If you updated the source material, costs and other info, a much easier task, each year. Heaven only knows where the country could go in development. I've got so many ideas of my own, but lack the time to pursue them.

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Admin said...

Strong piece you wrote hear.I conquer with your thoughts. One thing to always keep in mind is that education is the heart of success. And when I talk about success I am not talking about money I simply talk about development. Even if its is slow development it is still good specially for a country like ours.