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I have no idea.  We get a lot of retiree Americans who are runaway criminals with warrants outstanding, who the US Marshals eventually come and get.  The expat population of all nationalities is probably in access of 20% of the population.  Belize is a rural country.  Government services don't work that well.  99% of the roads are dirt, rural.  It is a pioneer country for pioneer types.  It is not a typical USA city environment with those kinds of infra structure and access to things.  If you need the opera, museums, and other things, the place is not for you.  This is a frontier and whatever you choose to do, is going to be challenging and often pioneering.  I run the one and only HIGH RISK HEDGE FUND in the country. ( 2 years old and not profitable yet )  I pioneered tourism here back in the 1960's. Now I pioneer International Financial Trading. Now a big tourist industry worth 25% of government revenue.  Everybody and all the local tv and radio talk shows are filled daily with opinions on how to make the country better.  The country is always broke.  It is an elected dictatorship, politically mismanaged according to Warren Buffet. ( He suggests that any political people who fail to control public debt below 3% of GDP be banned from running for office. ) ( Fat chance! ) If you don't like challenges and the aspect of pioneering without any government assistance, then you probably should go to a big Latin city with a population in the millions.  This place attracts investors on the small scale mostly.  Lots of people are into eco friendly ventures, meaning they are pioneers of some kind.  Myself I like an atmosphere of NO GOVERNMENT interference.  You want to build then build. You want to do something new, do it.  Ask permission later.  There is a sense of patriotism and everybody being in the same boat, building a new nation out of nothing. If you like that sort of thing, then you will like it.

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Hi Ray;
Thanks for the reply, and I was also woundering, and I hope you will share with me the answer to this question. Why are there so few americans living in Belize? Belize is so beatiful from the pictures I have seen that I'm woundering why more americans have not retired there. I'm thinking that there must be a problem with the goverment or conditions of living there or even something else, like the money problems the goverment has that I have read about.
Hope to hear back from you,

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Try Lans Sluder a travel writer on Belize.   He has oodles of that kind of information on his websites.  Far as I know, you would have to have a police certificate from the USA up to the time you left.  You get another one in Belize for the time you have here.  Everything else seems normal.

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Subject: residency

Hi Ray;
I read your story and got your email address from the bottom of the page. Iam planning on going to Belize this August and hope to find it to be what I have been looking for, for the past few years. Iam retired, sold my house in California, have my money in a bank in Panama.
I have looked into Costa Rica, Panama, and Ecuador and have not found what I'm looking for, I have read about Belize and it sounds like what I want. If Belize is where I want to live out my life, I want to be prepared, meaning, I want to be ready to apply for residency.
The problem I'm faceing is that I don't really understand the process of getting residency there. I understand that I need to live there for one year and renew my visa every 30 days for 12 months then I can apply for residency, is this correct? If so, how do I get my papers ready for residency? Do I go back to the states and get them, [which will take some time] or do I bring them with me, but I understand that they can only be 30 days old, is this true?
I guess what I need to know is how do I prepare for my residency there? Can you tell me the stepts I need to take, from first landing in Belize and what I should have with me, to obtaining residency there? This may be alot to ask someone I don't even know, but from all the information I have read, I'm really confused.
Thank you Ray for your time,
Jerry Nicholls

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