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My summary: The Dream Team are long on criticism, but short on technical details, or HOW TO FINANCE THEIR DREAMS.

Alavaro Rosado
Francis Gegg


Ha! Ha! Good comeback, like a yapping PEKINESE lap dog.

Pray tell, if you will, in some financial technical detail, what you, or FRANCIS, would do that is different? Start with FACTS!

You have $600 million Bz a year to work with as a government of YOU and your friends. The cost of government employees, pensions and salaries, and running government maintainance costs, exceeds the $600 million available. You have boosted employment by creating many government departments that are MAKE WORK JOBS, which in turn boosts the local economy money circulation, and is reflected as the GDP of Belize. You have got much of the infra-structure development projects that are occuring, by applying abroad for foreign GRANTS. The wages bill for the civil service exceeds the cash flow available, and you are borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.

Tell me you brilliant minds, HOW YOU WOULD DEVELOP BELIZE ECONOMICALLY THEN? Curious minds would like to know? In fact, we have a whole population that wants to know. Please explain how you will also PAY for your ideas?

From: Alvaro Rosado
To: Belize Culture ; Belize Culture
Sent: Wednesday, February 8, 2012 4:14 AM
Subject: Re: Bz-Culture: Belize television
Francis, you are wasting your time - Ray will -after realizing that he has no ground to stand on - end the discussion (as usual) by saying that He was only throwing bait - I will answer like I did 10 years ago - (YOUR BAIT STINKS).
The show Rocks- like Dickie Bradley's- Go DeAlvaro

On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 5:57 PM, Ray Auxillou wrote:

Look Singapore is an island, it has a huge population and a good work ethic. Doing infra-structure is easier and cheaper for them because they are not spread out. That is like trying to compare apples and oranges. We don´t have a work ethic in Belize. Everybody in the civil service believe in 9 to 5, long lunch hour and breaks. That is a human worker problem, not a BARROW problem. We don´t even have a population so to speak. Workers on Caye Caulker complain incessantly. They come from rural Belize, like Corozal. They know they want theirs, but are unwilling to give a little extra and do a good job right. Sheesh even in Hillview, Cayo, my contractor on day pay, takes 3 to 4 days to do a 6 hour job. He would not work any better or faster if you paid him better either. I´ve tried it. 2 hour lunches, sometimes 2.5 hour lunches.
From: Francis Gegg
To: Ray Auxillou
Sent: Wednesday, February 8, 2012 12:41 AM
Subject: Re: Bz-Culture: Belize television
IF I may say so, you simply do not understand economic growth and the meaning of enabling environment. If you want to see economic growth have a look at Singapore with a GDP of 250 billion in the same time from Independence as Belize. We're still limping along at barely 1.4 billion in GDP per annum. Singapore's GPI is 55,000 US per annum, and we are barely at 4,000 US per annum. As Mr. Elrington put it in 1993 when he described Barrow as all glitter and no substance, he hit the nail on the head. Lee Kuan Yew's son is the highest paid politician on earth with a salary last year of 2.5 million US.
You cannot expect to get foreign direct investment when you confiscate the assets of the two largest foreign investors, and no way to raise the money to pay for the forced acquisition. This government is looking a lot like Robert Mugabe, who thumbed his nose at the global financial markets and paid the price for it. The Zimbabwean dollar is now 35,000 to the US and they actually print billion dollar notes.
I am afraid that you are living in a real dream world my friend. Go the latest Country Poverty Assessment which you can find online and you wills see the scorching indictment of his policies, where it says that only 45% of the country's population can be said to not be poor. No matter how you paint it poverty is poverty and it has grown in leaps and bounds in the last 4 years. As Bobby Lopez of the VIP called in this morning, he said that 2009 was his best year for selling furniture, and last year was his worst. He has gone from 60 employees down to 9 and now his biggest business is making coffins for the dead.
That story can be told in so many businesses in Belize. BBB shared this morning that from a membership of 328 four years ago they are down to 156, the rest having gone out of business in the last four years.
These are real numbers and not pie in the sky.
Hope that you are well otherwise.
From: Ray Auxillou
To: ""
Sent: Tuesday, February 7, 2012 5:27 PM
Subject: Re: Bz-Culture: Belize television
I wondered who this FRANCIS is? ( just realized it is my friend Francis Gegg - hi Francis! ) Pooh! Your opinion is nuts mon!

"It is scathing to the endth degree of Mr. Barrow's stewardship of the country. They describe the economic environment is Belize as being,"Polemic."

I found that paragraph total nonsense. I´m a swing voter. I can tell you in my opinion, well documented without favoritism on my BLOG, over the last four years, that BARROW has done a marvelous job with the tax revenues at his disposal. Outsiders tend to judge things by the big tax base they come from. With roughly $800 million bz a year and a quarter of that going to debt payments, leaving $600 million, BARROW has in my opinion, no political affiliation here, done a HELL OF A GOOD JOB. I was glad they picked up on increasing GRANT financed projects over the last 18 months. Without which we would have been in real stagnant hell. The government is loaded with make work jobs though. Wasteful of scarce money. BELTRAIDE being the biggest one of those wasters of money. We get nothing but bullshit from Beltraide and no meat in the bun there. If Elrington is right, then that is the first department needs cutting down to about 3 people, to agree with the quality of work production they are doing, or not doing as the case may be.

Barrow has done a fantastic economic job with the cash available and bureaucratic civil servants available, also quality of party members available in Cabinet. Many should be fired, as Elrington says. Being non productive.

I would have wished more LOCAL GOVERNMENT improvements in legislation and decentralization though. In economics, they are on the right track. Doing as good as can be done according to the human material they have to work with.

I find the lady lawyers, or most lawyers in general, have tunnel vision. They are myopic and don´t seem to have much common sense. Talk a lot of BLAH about nothing and say nothing about important things, like local government and local economic development by bringing in skilled immigrants for instance. They try to befuddle you with legal talk. Show me the money and production mon! Got no time talking about legal crap as the end all, of their lives. None of that makes for economic growth.

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