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Because of the nature of the PARTY system in Belize, being a MAFIA criminal organization. Backed and supported by their law to FORCE elected representatives on a party ticket to adhere to policies and spending, reached in SECRET at the CABINET LEVEL ( Mafia confab under the party DON, or BOSS ). NO PARTY MEMBER so elected and becoming a MADE MAN in mafia parlance, all others are mafia associates who support political party candidates. There can be no DEMOCRACY in Belize. The SENATE and HOUSE ( PARLIAMENT ) are but rubber stamps of the mafia gang controlling the government.
The ONLY WAY, under the law and custom of Belize to TAKE BACK the country and government and make it a representative democracy, in which the Parliament becomes a debating forum on spending and policy and issues dealing in an open and transparent manner before the public, for the CONSTITUENCY VOTERS; is by ALL SWING VOTERS voting for ANY Independent CANDIDATE and staying away from any criminal MAFIA POLITICAL PARTY CANDIDATE. A vote for the PUP, or the UDP candidates is a WASTED VOTE. Such party candidate is bound by alliegance to VOTE and support the PARTY, or mafia gang in SECRET conclave on issues and allocation of money. The interests of the GANG are paramount and the obligation of any person on a political party mafia ticket. They do not, and CANNOT by law, or party rules, fight for their constituency voters. So if you vote for a PUP, or UDP candidate, you WASTE your vote. If the person you elect cannot represent you, why do you vote for him or her? You could pick ANY Independent candidate to vote for, and this would force a return to government by democracy, by debate, consensus and compromise, which is what democracy is supposed to be about. You don´t have to like an INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE, but if the SWING VOTERS would vote for any of them, you would FORCE a return of democracy through OPEN TRANSPARENT DEBATE IN OUR PARLIAMENT. Representative democracy would be the result. Debate, consensus and compromise would return to the nation. Those that vote for a political party candidate are perpetuating a dictatorship by the MAFIA CRIMINAL GANG. Those that rely on making their living from MAFIA GANG PATRONAGE, become criminal associates.

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The reason you don't know that there was (and still is) a political problem (that has very little to do with bad mindedness or victimization) is that you choose to have selective memory and view things through the lens of party politics. So, let me help you refresh your memory and remove those party spectacles. Below is an excerpt from one of those infamous wikileak cable....

It is clear Ashcroft has bought and paid for Belize's local politicians. His investment is safe and he will get paid one way or another.... whether by Accomodation agreement (Musa), or legislation pushed through by his ex-lawyer (Barrow) that say he must get paid in exchange for Nationalization, or an amicable settlement by the next PM (possibly Fonseca). He's just waiting for his investment to mature. Meanwhile he can avoid taxes by claiming massive losses.

The political system inherited has never served the interest of the majority. Francis Fonseca is hoping that he will be the one to be in control next... but even if he wins at the polls, will he truly be in control? Or will the political system corrupt him too?


"In 2005, the previous administration entered into an Accommodation Agreement with Belize Telemedia Limited. This Agreement effectively guaranteed the Ashcroft Group that BTL would profit from a minimum 15% rate of return (ROR) per year. In the event that a 15% ROR did not materialize, the shortfall could be recovered through an exemption from the Belize Business and Income Tax. The Accommodation Agreement also gave BTL the freedom to set telecommunications rates charged on consumers, thus bypassing the authority of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) of Belize. Finally, the Accommodation Agreement guaranteed that no licenses would be given to other telecommunications companies except SpeedNet, another telecommunication company which is controlled by Ashcroft, and it banned Voice over Internet Protocol. These arrangements, which essentially guaranteed Lord Ashcroft a monopoly interest, were set to remain in place until 2015. Since taking office in February 2008, the UDP government has been working to unravel the web of special deals and Accommodation Agreements signed between the PUP and Lord Ashcroft's many companies, including this deal from 2005. Despite these special deals, litigation involving BTL was prevalent even under the PUP. During the previous administration, at least six cases involving BTL were adjudicated before both Belizean and foreign courts."

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