Thursday, February 9, 2012


People running as constituent elected representatives, on a political party FLAG platform are destroying BELIZE.

Decades ago, a law was passed in the Parliament, that no political party member can cross the floor and vote with the Opposition, or Independents. That law, ruined BELIZE forever more! All people being elected on the basis of being a member of a political party, CANNOT represent their CONSTITUENTS in either PARLIAMENT, or the CABINET. They are members of a GANG OF THIEVES and loyalty to the GANG of THIEVES is paramount. So Hector Silva said in an interview the other day with the media on Plus TV. Hector Silva is the horses mouth, he has been in politics his whole life.
What he says agrees with conclusions reached on this BLOG a decade or two ago. Any citizen voter, who votes for a political party gang member, is voting for a GANG OF THIEVES and his or her vote is WASTED. That person, if elected is NOT ALLOWED by the political party to defend the interests of his constituents, or work in their interest. He or she MUST work in the interest of the GANG calling itself a political party. He or she, will not be allowed to work for his constitutents.

Hector Silva went on to say, citizens of Belize that VOTE should vote for an INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE if they want somebody to represent them and their surrounding constitutency. Nobody who is elected as a member of a party will be allowed to work for them, they MUST work for the GANG OF THIEVES that is the politicial party. That is the LAW! Marcel Cardomo another elected representative, also said the same thing and got ostracized by his UDP party, but did not break the law never-the-less.

REMOVE THAT LAW, and you can vote for a person running on a political party platform. As long as that law stands, you will WASTE YOUR VOTE and continue DESTROYING BELIZE, by allowing a CRIMINAL GANG TO RULE FOR THEIR OWN SELF ENRICHMENT.

IF YOU ARE PATRIOTIC, VOTE FOR ANY INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE OF YOUR CHOICE, only so, will you help BELIZE GROW past this eternal GANGLAND CORRUPTION run style of government. If you VOTE for a political party candidate, you are voting for a GANG OF THIEVES, who do not give a hoot about you.

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